Curry College Acceptance Rate – One of the most crucial factors to take into account if you want to have any chance of being admitted to Curry College is the acceptance rate. The good news is that as you read through, all the information you could need to know about Curry College’s acceptance rate has been supplied.

Curry College Acceptance Rate

Curry College makes things easier with a welcoming acceptance rate of 88%, and you’ve got a rolling application deadline to play with.

When it comes to getting in, your GPA is a big deal for the admissions team at Curry College—they pay attention to that. 

Also, if you’ve got info on your high school class rank, they consider that too. Plus, they see letters of recommendation as pretty important pieces of the puzzle when deciding who cuts. Just some things to keep in mind as you’re getting your application together.


Overview About The Curry College

Founded in 1879 as a private institution, Curry College is home to 1,835 undergraduate students (as of fall 2022) and boasts a sprawling 131-acre campus.

Operating on a semester-based academic calendar, Curry College holds the 137th spot in the Regional Universities North category, according to the 2024 edition of Best Colleges. 

The cost of attending, including tuition and fees, comes to $45,820. It’s a snapshot of the college’s history, current student body, and its academic standing and expenses.

Curry College GPA Requirements

In the world of college applications, many schools set a minimum GPA just to get your foot in the door, but the GPA that makes a difference is the one that boosts your chances of getting in. At Curry College, the average GPA for current students is 2.97.

Now, having a GPA slightly below the average, like 2.97, won’t necessarily keep you out. It seems like they’re cool with a mix of B’s and C’s on your high school record.

But, it’s smart to steer clear of D’s and F’s. Those might raise eyebrows with the admissions committee, making them wonder about your academic commitment and how well you’d handle college coursework. So, it’s a good idea to keep those grades up!

Curry College ACT Requirements

Just like with the SAT, Curry College probably doesn’t have a strict ACT score rule, but having a significantly low ACT score could affect your application.

The average ACT score for admitted students at Curry College is 21, putting the college in the moderately competitive range for ACT scores. 

To give you a bit more insight, if your ACT score is around 17 or lower, it might pose a challenge for your admission. On the flip side, hitting 22 or higher would boost your standing among other applicants. So, it’s worth aiming for that higher score if you can swing it!


Curry College SAT Requirements

Quite a few schools say they don’t set a specific SAT cutoff, but let’s be real, the average score is kind of an unspoken benchmark. At Curry College, the average SAT composite score is 1026 out of 1600, putting it in the moderately competitive range for SAT scores.

To break it down a bit more, if your SAT score is around 940 or lower, you’re below the average applicant. On the flip side, if you can hit 1110 or higher, you’re in the above-average category. Just a heads-up to help you gauge where you stand among other students applying to Curry College.

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