Occidental College Acceptance Rate – Oxy is the spot for the go-getters, the curious minds who are all about diving into the world and grabbing onto new experiences.

Occidental College Acceptance Rate

If you thrive on academic research and love the vibe of collaboration, this is where you want to be. It’s a place for those who are ready to work hard and soak up all the opportunities that come their way.

Occidental College Acceptance Rate

Here’s the lowdown on Occidental College’s admissions scene: they keep things exclusive with a 39% acceptance rate. Now, for those who submitted test scores, around 50% landed SAT scores between 1360 and 1510 or ACT scores ranging from 31 to 34.

But here’s the kicker: a quarter of the accepted bunch aced scores higher than this range, while another quarter fell a bit below. Mark your calendars because the application deadline for Occidental College is January 10th.

In the admissions hustle, Occidental College values your GPA—it’s a big player in their game. They also take a peek at your high school class rank, if it’s floating around, and those letters of recommendation.

Occidental’s admissions team gives them a nod of considerable importance. So, if you’re eyeing Occidental, make sure those academic ducks are in a row!


About Occidental College

Occidental College, a private institution with roots dating back to 1887, is home to an undergraduate crowd of 1,942 as of fall 2022.

Nestled in an urban setting on a 120-acre campus, it operates on a semester-based academic calendar. In the 2024 Best Colleges edition, Occidental College claims the 35th spot among National Liberal Arts Colleges, with tuition and fees totaling $63,446.

Picture this: the Occidental College campus is cozily situated in the suburban neighborhood of Eagle Rock, just a short 8 miles from the bustling heart of Los Angeles. This prime location opens up a world of opportunities for students, from internships to dining, nightlife, and more.

Also, for freshmen, campus life is a must; they’re required to kick off their college journey by residing on campus. The cool part? They can bring their cars along for the ride. Why’s that a win? Because the campus is within an hour’s drive of hotspots like Venice Beach, Disneyland, and the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Parking on campus is a breeze with a free permit, and roughly two-thirds of students take advantage of it by bringing their cars. When it comes to campus life, Occidental offers a whopping 100+ clubs and organizations, covering everything from social sororities and fraternities to gender-neutral groups and multicultural sororities.

Some Other Benefits of The Occidental College

Let’s talk sports – Occidental’s teams, rocking the orange and black Tiger colors, compete in the NCAA Division III Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

But wait, there’s more. Occidental students can spice up their academic journey by taking classes at CalTech and the Art Center College of Design. Plus, they can dive into joint degrees at CalTech, Columbia University, and the University of Southern California’s Keck Graduate Institute.

Diversity takes center stage at Occidental, with around half of the student body being Caucasian, approximately 15% Asian, another 15% Hispanic, and about 5% black. And here’s a cool stat: women make up more than half of the student population.

That’s Occidental College for you—a blend of academics, campus life, and a dash of Los Angeles magic.


General Recommendations and Requirements for Admissions

At Occidental College, it’s not just about hitting the books; they’re all about authenticity and artistic flair. While scheduling an interview is encouraged, it’s not a must for admission.

Additionally, if you’ve got talent in the visual arts, music, or theater, you can make a statement by submitting an artistic supplement. 

It’s your chance to let your creativity shine and add that extra flair to your application. So, if you’ve got a unique spark, Occidental wants to see it!