Columbia College Chicago Acceptance Rate – At Columbia College, you get this amazing mix of learning about the world today, and it’s not just hitting the books. You’ve got this challenging academic stuff that gets your brain working.

Columbia College Chicago Acceptance Rate

Additionally,  being at Columbia means you’re soaking in all the professional, cultural, and life stuff that comes with being right in the heart of New York City. It’s not just classes; it’s a whole experience.

Columbia College Chicago Acceptance Rate

Hey, if you’re eyeing Columbia College, Chicago, here’s the scoop on getting in. They’re pretty chill with a 90% acceptance rate, so not too picky. Fresh faces can jump in for fall or spring intakes, and international folks have a buffet of over 60 artsy degree programs to choose from.

Now, for the nitty-gritty – grad courses are up for grabs all year round on a rolling basis. Just hop on the college’s portal or the common application for the online application fun. Oh, and bring along 75 bucks as the golden ticket to the admission party.

To up your game, a solid GPA and decent scores in those standardized exams are your golden keys to unlocking the door to studying in the USA at Columbia College.


Columbia College Chicago GPA Requirements

Alright, let’s talk GPA and getting into schools. Sure, a bunch of places throw around a minimum GPA requirement, but that’s like the baseline to avoid instant rejection.

Now, the GPA that truly counts? That’s the one matching up with the school‘s average for the current student gang. In this case, the magic number is 3.41. 

That’s the sweet spot if you want a real shot at making it through the admissions door. Aim for that, and you’re playing the GPA game, right?

Columbia College Chicago SAT Requirements

Alright, let’s spill the beans on the SAT situation. Even if some colleges swear they’re SAT-agnostic, there’s often a sneaky threshold. And guess what? Columbia College Chicago is no exception.

The average SAT score in this neck of the woods is 1117 out of 1600, making it a bit of a battleground for test scores. Here’s the lowdown: if you’re rocking a 1000, you’re hanging out below the average crew. 

But kick it up to 1230, and suddenly you’re strutting your stuff above the average scene. It’s a numbers game, my friend, so aim high if you want to stand out in the SAT arena.


About Columbia College

Let’s talk Columbia College Chicago! They’ve been holding it down since 1890, rocking the private institution vibe. Picture this: an urban playground where 6,424 undergrads are soaking up knowledge (as of fall 2022).

School life here follows the classic semester rhythm. According to the 2024 Best Colleges edition, they’re cruising at 124th among Regional Universities in the Midwest.

Now, let’s get real about the numbers. The tuition and fees? Buckle up – it’s $32,214. That’s the ticket to ride the Columbia College Chicago wave.

This school is all about open arms when it comes to admissions. They’re practically throwing acceptance letters like confetti. 

To play it safe, target a 1000 on the SAT or a 20 on the ACT – go higher if you can swing it. Hit those numbers, and you’re rolling out the welcome mat for yourself into the next incoming class. Easy-peasy.