Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate – Hey, if you’re thinking about getting into Brooklyn College, you want to know about their acceptance rate—it’s a key factor. The good news is, that you’re in luck because we’ve got all the info on the Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate right here for you to check out as you read through.

Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate

Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate

Brooklyn College boasts an acceptance rate of 55%, with a February 1st application deadline. The admissions team at Brooklyn College places a strong emphasis on a student’s GPA as a critical academic criterion.

Notably, high school class rank and letters of recommendation do not factor into the admissions decisions at Brooklyn College.


Brooklyn College GPA Requirements

A lot of schools set a minimum GPA requirement, just to make sure your application doesn’t get tossed out right away. But what matters is the GPA that gives you a good shot at getting in. That’s where the average GPA of the current student body comes in.

For Brooklyn College, the average GPA of students right now is 3.31. So, if you’re aiming to match up to the folks already there, that’s the number you want to keep in mind.

Brooklyn College SAT Requirements

Many schools say they don’t have a strict SAT cutoff, but let’s be real, there’s usually an unstated expectation. At Brooklyn College, they don’t explicitly say it, but the average SAT score there is kind of the unofficial benchmark.

So, the average SAT composite score at Brooklyn College is 1140 out of 1600. That puts the school in a good spot when it comes to SAT scores. 

For a bit more detail, if your score is below 1040, you’re below the average, and if you hit 1220 or higher, you’re above the average. Just a heads-up to help you gauge where you stand among other applicants.

Brooklyn College ACT Requirements

Just like with the SAT, Brooklyn College might not explicitly mention an ACT cutoff, but having a low ACT score could impact your chances. The average ACT score for students at Brooklyn College is 24, making the school moderately competitive in the ACT department.

To break it down a bit more, if your ACT score is around 20 or lower, it might make things tough for your application. 

Unless you’ve got some seriously impressive stuff in your application, a score of 20 might be seen as less academically competitive, especially when there’s a good number of applicants with scores of 24 or higher. Just something to keep in mind as you’re putting together your application.


About Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York public university system, takes full advantage of its dynamic New York City setting for a hands-on learning experience.

Also, it was founded in 1930, it proudly stands as the first public coeducational liberal arts college in NYC. The campus, sporting a classic design, sprawls across 30 acres with lush lawns and charming gardens, catering to a student community of over 15,000.

Offering a rich menu of more than 70 bachelor’s degree programs, popular choices include business, psychology, and accounting. Undergraduates are actively encouraged to dive into research across various fields, with ample fellowships and scholarships to support their academic explorations.

Outside the lecture halls, the campus buzzes with life through 160+ clubs and organizations, spanning professional and cultural interests. It’s not just a college; it’s a vibrant community where learning goes beyond textbooks.