Endicott College Acceptance Rate – If you’re eyeing a spot at Endicott College, the acceptance deal is a big deal. Lucky for you, all the lowdown on the Endicott College acceptance rate is right here as you read through. So, no need to worry; you’ve got the scoop on what you need to know.

Endicott College Acceptance Rate

Endicott College, a standout private institution in the United States, is buzzing with excitement, especially among international students.

It’s a bit picky, sure, but if you’re keen on growing academically in a top-notch setting and chasing your dream to study in the USA, this place is a perfect fit for you. Get ready for a stellar academic journey!

Endicott College Acceptance Rate

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Endicott College’s admissions scene. So, they’ve got a 73% acceptance rate, and if you’re an early bird, that rate bumps up to a solid 87.2%.

Now, for the test score squad, about 50% of the accepted bunch threw down SAT scores between 1130 and 1280 or ACT scores ranging from 24 to 29. But here’s the kicker: a quarter of the accepted crew scored higher than these ranges, while another quarter came in a bit lower.

If you’re eyeing Endicott, mark February 15th on your calendar because that’s the application deadline.

The admissions team at Endicott College is all about your GPA—it’s a big player in their game. They also peek at your high school class rank if that’s floating around, and to top it off, those letters of recommendation?

They matter in the eyes of the Endicott College admissions crew. So, get those ducks in a row if you’re shooting for a spot at Endicott!


About Endicott College

Founded back in 1939, Endicott College is your ticket to a private education haven located in Beverly, Massachusetts, just a breezy 20 miles north of the bustling city of Boston.

As of fall 2022, the college boasts a solid undergraduate enrollment of 3,411, all soaking up knowledge in a suburban paradise sprawled across a generous 235-acre campus. Keep up with the academic rhythm because they roll with a 4-1-4 calendar.

Additionally, in the 2024 Best Colleges edition, Endicott College struts its stuff as the 39th-best regional university in the North. Just to give you a heads up, tuition and fees for a piece of this educational action come in at $39,212.

But it’s not all about hitting the books at Endicott; they’ve got a lively campus scene. Picture this: student clubs and organizations, including the Endicott Singers and the Endicott College Television Network, add a splash of vibrancy to college life.

Now, if you’re a freshman, listen up—living on campus is the deal. A whopping 80 percent of the student body calls campus home throughout their academic journey.

Sports fans, brace yourselves! The Gulls, Endicott’s sports superheroes, are in the game, competing in the NCAA’s Division III and rubbing shoulders with conferences like the Eastern College Athletic Conference and the Commonwealth Coast Conference.

But here’s a unique twist: Endicott College throws in some internship magic. Freshmen and sophomores, get ready to clock in 120 hours of internship every January. And as you hit junior or senior status, it’s time to dive into a semester-long internship.

Now, for the city enthusiasts, first-years, leave those cars behind. But don’t stress; Endicott’s got your back with a shuttle system ready to whisk you off to the wonders of Boston with scheduled trips.

That’s Endicott College for you—where education meets vibrant campus life, sports take center stage, and internships are part of the package. Are you ready to jump into this college adventure?

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