Disney College Program Acceptance Rate  – Curious about your shot at the Disney College Program? Well, you’re in for a treat! Let’s dive into the magical world of Disney College Program admissions and unravel the acceptance rate—because who wouldn’t want to be part of Disney College?

Disney College Program Acceptance Rate

Disney College Program Acceptance Rate

While the Disney College Program doesn’t officially disclose an acceptance rate, the chances of getting into the program can vary depending on the park and program year.

Generally, out of around 12,000 applicants each year, only about 20% are accepted into the Disney College Program as interns. In simpler terms, roughly 2,400 applicants were cut out of the total pool of 12,000. It’s a competitive process, but for those who will make it.


The Disney College Program

The Disney College Program is not just any internship; it’s a unique and competitively paid opportunity that invites college students, no matter their major, to step into the magical world of Disney’s parks and resorts.

This program, which typically runs for 5-7 months, offers a variety of roles, from entertainment and hospitality to retail and more. And here’s the kicker: Disney throws in on-campus housing and transportation for participating students. Not too shabby, right?

More Benefits About The Disney College

Now, let’s talk about the green stuff. The Disney College Program sets itself apart by dishing out a solid starting pay of $16 per hour, which is a sweet deal compared to the usual college worker rates.

But it’s not all work and no play; the program combines classroom learning with hands-on experience. Daily schedules and work hours depend on your assigned role. You’ll be placed in one of six earning categories, like food and beverage, lodging, retail, and more. The catch? You don’t get to choose your specific role—it’s a Disney surprise!

Now, get ready to flex that availability. Every Disney College Program intern needs to be fully available, working days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Expect a workload of 30–50 hours per week, and during peak seasons, like holidays and summer, you might be clocking in more than 50 hours.

But here’s the cool part: when you’re not on the clock, you can dive into multi-week classes and individual learning sessions. From the arts to business management, there’s a lot to explore.

And because you’re putting in the hard work, Disney doesn’t hold back on the perks. Along with that above-average hourly pay, you get exclusive insights into Disney’s operations, discounts at Disney parks and resorts, and even free visits to the parks. It’s a magical internship experience!

Required GPA to get into the Disney college program

The Disney College Program doesn’t set a specific minimum GPA requirement, but it does stress the importance of meeting your school‘s GPA and grade level standards, if applicable. 

Beyond that, eligibility hinges on having completed at least one semester of college. If you check these boxes, you might just boost your chances of making it past the Disney College Program acceptance rate.

Application Requirements For The Disney College

With a multitude of enthusiastic students applying each year, the Disney College Program experiences intense competition.  To be eligible for the Disney College Program, here’s the checklist:

  • Enrollment Status: You’ve got to be currently enrolled in classes, actively taking them, and have finished at least one semester. Alternatively, you can apply if you graduated within the last year.
  • School Requirements: You need to meet any specific requirements your school might have.
  • Advisor Chat: It’s a good idea to have a chat with your advisor, if applicable. They might offer some valuable insights.
  • Age Factor: You’ve got to be at least 18 years old. It’s time to embrace adulthood!
  • Work Authorization: Make sure you possess unrestricted work authorization. They want you to be free to spread that Disney magic!
  • Return Policy: If you’ve been part of the Disney College Program before, there’s a waiting game. You can’t jump back in sooner than four months before your last departure date. They like to keep things fresh!



The Disney College Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for college students to dive into the mesmerizing world of Disney. It’s not just about work; it’s an adventure! This internship opens doors to valuable training, housing, and even potential college credits.

But let’s be real—getting in is no walk in the park. From GPA requirements to work authorization, appearance guidelines, and commitment levels, aspiring participants need to check all the boxes. While the acceptance rate varies, this program remains a sought-after experience where you get to be a part of Disney’s magic and create memories that last a lifetime.

If you’re itching to be part of this enchanting world, dive into the program’s details on the official website. It’s your ticket to leaving a mark in the realm of one of the world’s most beloved entertainment brands.