William and Mary Acceptance Rate – Alright, buckle up because we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of the William and Mary scene, starting with a little background check. So, the College of William and Mary holds the title of being the second-oldest higher education institution in the U.S., born in 1693 thanks to the King and Queen of England.

William and Mary Acceptance Rate

Fast forward to today, and boom, it’s considered one of the cream-of-the-crop schools in the country. It proudly sits among the top 15 public universities in the United States.

Now, let’s get down to the real business—the William and Mary Acceptance Rate and what it takes to snag a spot. Stick around for the details!

William and Mary Acceptance Rate

Getting into William & Mary is no walk in the park, and let me tell you, it’s getting even trickier. For the class of 2025, they were bombarded with a whopping 17,475 applications—the most they’ve ever seen, breaking the 15,000 mark for the first time.

Now, here’s the kicker: out of those hopefuls, only 6,466 were cut, giving the school a 37% acceptance rate. If you break it down, it’s 44% for in-state folks and 31% for those out-of-state dreamers.

Oh, and let’s talk early decision (ED). The class of 2025 had 1,184 eager beavers going for it, and 545 of them hit the jackpot with a 46% early decision acceptance rate. That’s some serious commitment.

Now, here’s a little insider information: William and Mary send out acceptance letters to roughly 40% of the brave souls who throw their hats in the ring. But get this: only around 28% of the lucky ones who get in decide to take the plunge and enroll. Tough choices, huh? Stay tuned for more on what it takes to crack the William & Mary code!


About the College Of William and Mary

Alright, let me break down the William & Mary scene for you. Despite officially being called a college, William & Mary has evolved into a full-fledged university.

Now, this place is no slouch when it comes to academics. It’s not just a college; it’s a research heavyweight, offering an array of academic programs. We’re talking more than 45 undergrad options and a whopping 40+ graduate and professional degree programs. They’re covering all the bases.

For the class of 2020, academic tastes were diverse, but the hot picks included social sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, and business-related fields like management and marketing.

Here’s a sweet deal: being a public institution, Virginia residents get a golden ticket to a top-notch education without breaking the bank. In-state students in the 2021–22 academic year shelled out around $31,000 for tuition and room and board, while out-of-state students paid $53,000.

But wait, there’s more! William and Mary are handing out scholarships left and right. Three merit-based scholarships are up for grabs for the academic dynamos.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a treasure trove of scholarships for both undergrad and graduate students, helping them fund their educational adventures. Oh, and they’ve got federal work-study gigs and alternative student jobs on the menu too.

Now, if you’re eyeing William & Mary, the Common Application is your ticket in. But hold up, it’s not a cakewalk—each application goes through not one, but two evaluations by the university bigwigs.

As for the paperwork, high school transcripts, a nod from your school counselor in the form of a recommendation letter, and a mid-year school report form are on the checklist. And if you’re a Virginia resident gunning for those sweet in-state tuition rates, there’s some extra paperwork waiting for you. Get ready to dot those i’s and cross those t’s!


SAT and ACT Requirements at William and Mary

Alright, let’s talk numbers for the Fall 2020 crew eyeing William and Mary. If you’re throwing in your SAT scores, aim for the sweet spot of 660–740 in critical reading and 660–770 in math. Tally up those scores, and your total should dance in the range of 1320 to 1510.

Now, if the ACT is more your style, shoot for the stars with a 31–35 in English and a 27–33 in math. Crunch those numbers, and your total ACT score should be cruising between 30 and 34.

So, there you have it—those are the magic numbers to impress the admission gods at William & Mary for Fall 2020. It’s time to hit the books!