Scholarships for Japanese Students

Scholarships offer valuable educational opportunities, and the Scholarships for Japanese Students are no exception. As you continue reading, you’ll discover more about these scholarships tailored for Japanese students that can provide you with a competitive advantage in securing them.

Scholarships for Japanese Students

Scholarships for Japanese Students

Japan’s esteemed universities are extending over 500 scholarships to international students for the academic year 2023-2024.

These scholarships encompass a monthly stipend of approximately $2000, in addition to covering tuition fees, accommodation expenses, health insurance, and even a travel allowance.


Here’s a selection of some noteworthy options:

1. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation offers fully funded scholarships for international students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.

These scholarships include a monthly stipend, coverage of accommodation expenses, and support for travel costs related to international conferences.

Institution: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

Academic Level: Master’s / PhD

2. MEXT Scholarship

The MEXT Scholarship is a comprehensive scholarship program designed for international students, providing complete financial support.

It is available to those pursuing undergraduate, master’s, PhD, and training programs. The MEXT scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, a monthly living allowance, and round-trip airfare from your home country to Japan.

Institution: Japanese Universities

Academic Levels: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD / Training

3. NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship

The NIG Postdoctoral Fellowship offers fully funded opportunities to international students. The fellowship duration can extend up to 3 years from the initial hiring date, with the possibility of annual renewal.

Successful fellows will receive an annual salary of approximately 4,100,000 JPY, inclusive of taxes, along with benefits such as health insurance through a mutual society, a commuting allowance (subject to conditions), and compensation insurance.

Institution: National Institute of Genetics

Academic Level: Postdoctoral

4. MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship

The MEXT University Recommendation Scholarships provide full financial support to international students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees.

Administered by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, these scholarships cover tuition fees in full, offer a monthly living allowance of 144,000 JPY, and include economy-class airfare.

Institution: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Academic Level: Master’s, PhD

5. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program offers comprehensive funding opportunities for international students pursuing a master’s degree.

Administered by Newcastle University, the JJ/WBGSP scholarship includes full coverage of tuition fees, accommodation, economy class airfare, and a monthly living stipend.

Institution: Newcastle University

Academic Level: Master’s


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