Emergency Medicine Fellowships

Fellowships are non-profit organization systems that provide help and benefits and Emergency Medicine Fellowships is one of such. As you read through, we will show what they are all about and how to apply.

Emergency Medicine Fellowships

Emergency Medicine Fellowships

The Emergency Medicine Fellowships program sponsors various fellowships and postgraduate training opportunities tailored to support emergency physicians in advancing their careers.

Graduates of these programs, ranging from community medical directors to leaders in residency programs, professional team physicians to institutional directors of disaster medicine, are making significant contributions to patient care, medical education, and healthcare policy on a global scale.

In addition to overseeing several accredited fellowships under the guidance of experienced, nationally recognized faculty, their department provides a distinctive “3+1 training” model for current internal residents who wish to pursue an additional year of specialized education and training.

Given the increasingly competitive job market in Emergency Medicine, distinguishing oneself through fellowship training has become essential.

Their program equips graduates with the skills and knowledge to secure desired positions in various clinical settings worldwide.

They take great pride in preparing fellows for successful and fulfilling careers, and they encourage you to explore these pages to discover more about the opportunities they can offer you.


Fellowship Programs

1. Administration, Quality, and Leadership

2. Clinical Informatics

3. Critical Care Transport & Helicopter EMS (Med Flight)

4. Education Scholarship (GME/UME tracks)

5. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

6. Emergency Medicine-Critical Care Anesthesia

7. Global Emergency Medicine

8. Medical Simulation


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