Peter Thiel Fellowship

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Peter Thiel Fellowship

Peter Thiel Fellowship

Individuals possessing a creative inclination are eligible to seek the Thiel Fellowship. Established in 2011 by technology entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel, this scholarship offers a grant of $100,000 and spans a two-year program.

It is available to individuals aged 22 or younger who have a passion for innovation and creation. A distinctive aspect of this scholarship is that recipients must either defer or discontinue their college education in order to be eligible for the fellowship.

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Key Features of the Peter Thiel Fellowship

1. Approximately 20 to 30 individuals are awarded the Peter Thiel Scholarship each year.

2. The Thiel Fellowship has an acceptance rate of just 0.1%, signifying its highly competitive nature.

3. Contrary to common assumptions that it’s exclusive to software engineers, the fellowship is open to any “young individuals eager to bring their ideas into the world.”

4. The application process for the Thiel Fellowship 2023 remains open throughout the year, allowing applicants to apply at their convenience.

5. Accepting the Thiel Fellowship scholarship necessitates dropping out of school, even for those currently attending.

6. It’s worth noting that Thiel Fellowship winners for 2023 are not required to relocate to San Francisco, as Thiel Fellows are located around the globe.

Eligibility Criteria

One of the primary requirements is the age limit for the Thiel Fellowship, which is set at 22 years or younger for applicants.

For students currently enrolled in school, the Thiel Fellowship necessitates discontinuing their studies to actively pursue their innovative ideas.

Additionally, there are other eligibility criteria for the Thiel Fellowship, which will be evaluated by the fellowship’s selection committee based on the applications submitted by candidates.

Furthermore, given that the fellowship is specifically designed for young individuals with a drive to create and innovate, applicants must demonstrate their capacity to present compelling and innovative ideas, as the Thiel Fellowship boasts an exceptionally low acceptance rate of 0.1%.

Those who meet the Thiel Fellowship eligibility criteria are welcome to apply at any time throughout the year, without restrictions on the application timing.

How to Apply

The Peter Thiel Fellowship application is available online, and it can be completed and submitted by individuals who meet the specified eligibility requirements for the Thiel Scholarship.

It’s worth noting that the Thiel Fellowship application form is accessible at all times, allowing applicants to apply whenever it suits their schedule.


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