Grinnell College Acceptance Rate – Grinnell College is this cool place that welcomes students from all over the globe—from tons of different states and countries. The ones who get the nod usually land in the average range on those college tests—you know, the readiness ones.

Grinnell’s on the lookout for folks who are all about community service and have a real heart for social stuff. It’s not just about the grades; they want students who are into making a difference in the community. Cool, right?

Grinnell College Acceptance Rate

Grinnell College doesn’t hand out acceptance letters like candy; it’s a bit of a tough nut to crack with a super low acceptance rate of 11%. If you’re wondering about scores, well, about half of the lucky ones who make the cut and spill the beans on their test results usually fall in the SAT range of 1380 to 1530 or rock an ACT score between 31 and 34.

But here’s the twist: a quarter of the admitted crew aced those scores, going above and beyond, while another quarter landed a bit below. It’s a mixed bag of academic rock stars!

If you’ve got your sights set on Grinnell, mark January 15th on your calendar—that’s the deadline for your ticket into the admissions rodeo.

Now, when it comes to what Grinnell looks for, it’s not just about the scores. Your GPA is a big deal; they’re serious about your academic game. If your high school spills the beans on class rank, that’s also on their radar. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the power of a good recommendation letter—that can make or break the deal for you. So, if you’re dreaming of Grinnell, bring your A-game on all fronts!


About Grinnell College

Grinnell College, a private gem founded back in 1846, is home to a cozy community of 1,759 undergrads as of fall 2022. Tucked away in the heart of a rural 120-acre campus, it dances to the beat of a semester-based academic calendar. And get this: in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, it proudly claims the 11th spot among National Liberal Arts Colleges, with a tuition and fee tag of $64,862.

You’ll find this little academic haven in Grinnell, Iowa, nestled nicely between Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

Despite its small-town charm, Grinnell is bursting with opportunities. Over 100 student groups are keeping things lively, from the harmonious G-Tones a cappella crew to nature lovers uniting under the banner of Free the Plant.

Even without Greek life in the mix, Grinnell College knows how to party—there’s a vibrant social scene with weekly cultural happenings and concerts, ranging from big-league performances to more intimate student gigs. 

And if you’re a film buff, the Titular Head Film Festival is an annual treat showcasing student-made cinematic wonders.

Sports enthusiasts meet the Pioneers—Grinnell’s athletic pride competing in the NCAA Division III Midwest Conference.


Grinnell College Achievement and Merits

They’ve got some serious historical cred, having played in some of the first intercollegiate football and baseball games west of the mighty Mississippi.

Living on campus is the deal here; all students call the residence halls on the South, North, or East campuses home.

But here’s the kicker: Grinnell College isn’t just about academics and extracurriculars. It’s a powerhouse of social activism, proudly contributing to the Peace Corps and leaving a lasting mark. 

This commitment to social responsibility isn’t a new fad; it goes way back to the days of FDR, with Grinnell alumni playing influential roles in the New Deal administration. Talk about a college with history and heart!

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General Recommendations and Requirements for Admissions

Grinnell College keeps it simple with the Common Application for potential students. They’re all about efficiency, preferring that all the necessary reports and recommendations come through those Common App forms.

When it comes to test scores, they’re open to both ACT and SAT submissions, but here’s the cool part: the essay sections for both tests are optional. No pressure!

Now, the nitty-gritty on scores: they need to land in Grinnell’s hands by the application deadline, and there’s no set minimum requirement. It’s more about you being your authentic academic self.

And because everyone needs a cheer squad, applicants are asked to toss in two letters of recommendation from high school teachers. If you’re in a public school, they want one from your school counselor too, plus a Common App Secondary School report. Homeschooled? No worries—get a parent to tackle both of those forms.

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