Carleton College Acceptance Rate – If you’re aiming to get into Carleton College, you want to pay attention to their acceptance rate—it’s kind of a big deal. But here’s the upside: no need to stress about digging up all the info yourself. As we continue, we’ll spill the beans on the acceptance rate and more, so you’re in the know.

Carleton College Acceptance Rate

Carleton College Acceptance Rate

Carleton College is pretty picky, with an acceptance rate of 17%. If you’re into numbers, about half the folks who submitted test scores fell between 1430 and 1550 on the SAT or 32 to 35 on the ACT.

But get this, a quarter of the lucky admitted ones scored even higher, while another quarter did a bit lower. Oh, and if you’re eyeing Carleton, mark January 15th in your calendar—that’s the application deadline.

When Carleton College bigwigs review applications, they’re all about that GPA—it’s a major player in the game. They also keep an eye on high school class rank when they can get their hands on it. And you better believe those recommendation letters? They carry some serious weight in the whole admission evaluation process.

Now, let’s hop over to Carleton University. It’s got a wider menu with 65 undergrad and 50 grad programs. International students are really into the whole MBA, Journalism, Public Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Architecture scene.

Getting into Carleton University? The first stop is the OUAC application and Carleton Application. And good news—you can shoot your shot for Fall, Winter, or Summer semesters. But here’s the deal, it’ll cost you. The application fee is 100 CAD for undergrad and 110 CAD for the grad gang.


About Carleton College

Carleton College has been around since 1866, and it’s one of those private educational hotspots. Picture this: as of fall 2022, they had about 2,034 undergrads soaking up knowledge on a campus that stretches across a whopping 955 acres. That’s like a small city of learning.

Now, they do things a bit differently at Carleton. Forget semesters; they roll with a trimester-based academic calendar. And here’s a feather in their cap—according to the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, they’re riding high at #9 among National Liberal Arts Colleges. Not too shabby!

Thinking about signing up for the Carleton experience? Well, you might want to know that tuition and fees come in at $65,457. It’s an investment in your brainpower, right?


Average GPA for The Carleton College

Carleton College is no joke when it comes to academics. To cut, you’re looking at a GPA of 4.01, so basically, you need to be rocking those straight A’s and showing everyone you’re the cream of the crop.

 If you’re into challenges, loading up on AP or IB classes is a smart move—it’s like flexing your academic muscles.

Now, if you’re a junior or senior, changing that GPA is like turning a battleship—it’s not impossible, but it’s no walk in the park. If your GPA is hanging around or below the school average of 4.01, you’ll need to bring in the big guns—meaning a killer SAT score. 

Show them you’re ready to tackle college academics head-on. It’s all about proving you’ve got what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

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