Millennium Fellowship – The Millennium Fellowship for Undergraduate Student Leaders is presented by the United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network. A semester-long program for developing leaders is called the Millennium Palace Shop, and it takes place on campus. 

Millennium Fellowship

MNC and the United Nations Academic Impact support elevating the leadership. This initiative brings students together, challenges them, and also recognizes their brave leadership in pursuing sustainable development goals on campuses and in local communities.

What Is Millennium Fellowship 2023

University freshmen chosen as Millennium Fellows are those who have demonstrated leadership in projects that advance the SDGs in their local communities and are relevant to sustainable development. 

They will take part in a semester-long leadership development program as Millennium Fellows to hone their capacities for student organizing, partnership creation, and community impact. 


Benefits of Fellowship

The advantages of Fellowship are as follows:

  • Certificate of appreciation from Millennium Campus Network and United Nations Academic Impact.
  • A valuable leadership experience will be gained by the applicant.
  • Global leaders’ network.
  • Knowledge of social change in the community.
  • Instruction and coaching
  • Having access to a global community network with 7,000+ peers from more than 300 universities across 50+ countries

Eligibility Criteria for Millennium Fellowship

The candidate must be an undergraduate student enrolled in the program and in good standing academically.

  • A minimum age of 18 is required for the application.
  • You agree to get together face-to-face at least eight times with your Campus Directors and other Fellows on your campus throughout the Millennium Fellowship (the program will run from August to November 2022) in order to share best practices and take action as a group. For the Fellowship sessions, students must come together in person on campus. 
  • Commit to meeting in person with your Campus Directors and Fellows at least eight times during the duration of the program.
  • Working on a project or intending to work on one that promotes at least one Sustainable Development Goal between August and November 2022

Application Procedure for Millennium Fellowship Programme

There will normally be 8–20 Millennium Fellows at each chosen campus center, therefore you are highly encouraged to encourage your coworkers and classmates to apply as well.

You must submit your Millennium Fellowship Project when you apply. Any project you choose must advance at least one Sustainable Development Goal and one UNAI principle and be time-bound, something you can accomplish during the Millennium Fellowship (August to November). Here are a few examples, but there are many more.

  • Directing a college group that works to further UN objectives, such as a chapter of AIESEC, ENACTUS, or UNICEF.
  • For your campus newspaper, a student journalist should write a series on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • A social business to run.
  • Study that is ground-breaking and directly supports UN objectives.
  • Putting forth a project that calls for a coordinated effort to further UN objectives on campus or in the local community.


Meet The Fellows

  • The fellowship program‘s official webpage should be opened.
  • On the screen, the website’s home page will appear.
  • Now from the homepage, go to the meet the fellow’s option.
  • The screen will change to a new page.
  • The page will include all of the fellows’ information.
  • To meet the fellows of your choosing, choose the relevant information, such as location, country, and university.