Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

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Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship

Pursue your studies in the Netherlands, and Europe, through the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships, a program offering tuition-free opportunities.

This esteemed scholarship initiative is designed for exceptionally talented Master’s students originating from non-European regions.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has set its sights on attracting the most brilliant minds worldwide to join its academic community.

High-achieving individuals from beyond the EU/EEA are welcome to submit their applications for the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES).

These scholarships are sponsored by the University of Amsterdam, an institution with historical roots tracing back to the Athenaeum Illustre in 1632.

Presently, the university boasts nearly 30,000 students, a staff exceeding 5,000 members, and an annual budget of 600 million Euros. It stands as one of the largest comprehensive research universities in Europe.


Courses Offered

1. Child Development and Education

2. Communication

3. Economics and Business

4. Humanities

5. Law

6. Psychology

7. Science

8. Social Sciences

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Have not been granted a comprehensive scholarship covering the same study period as the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship.

2. Have received admission or are in the process of being admitted for the first time to the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

3. Have completed an application for a Dual Master’s or Research Master’s program that doesn’t involve interviews in its selection process, or for an MSc program.

4. Hold a nationality other than EU/EEA or Swiss.

5. Not qualify for financial assistance through the Dutch system of study grants and loans.

6. Not eligible for the reduced tuition fee applicable to EEA students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

7. Be able to fulfill the conditions necessary for obtaining a Dutch visa (if applicable).

8. Enroll as a full-time student at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) for the specific academic year and program associated with the scholarship.

9. Completed your prior academic program within the last three years.

10. Have never been enrolled in any educational institution in the Netherlands before.

11. Possess a minimum GPA equivalent to Cum Laude (Dutch system), first-class honors (UK), or a 3.7 (USA).

12. Exhibit strong motivation and excel in extracurricular activities.

13. Demonstrate outstanding English language proficiency, supported by test results not older than two years. Acceptable scores include TOEFL (minimum score of 100), IELTS (score of 7), CAE Grade A, or CPE Grade C.

How to Apply

The process of applying for the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) is integrated into your application for the chosen Master’s program.

Within the Master’s application form, there will be a selection labeled ‘apply for a scholarship’. You should check this box if you wish to be considered for a scholarship.

Utilize the prescribed scholarship application template provided on the website. This completed application should be uploaded in the designated ‘Scholarship Application’ section.

Required Documents

1. Academic records (Transcripts, including your GPA)

2. A recommendation letter from a teacher, dean, or academic supervisor validating your placement within the top 10% of your class or year.

3. A motivation letter (limited to 500 words) outlining your rationale for selecting the Master’s program. Additionally, you can incorporate a paragraph elucidating your desire to be considered for the scholarship.

4. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae detailing your involvement in extracurricular activities. These might encompass international exposure, participation in student committees, high-level engagement in sports or music, or voluntary undertakings.

5. Documentation confirming your English language proficiency (test scores).

Application Deadline

Regarding the School of Science, the application deadline varies according to the specific course. The scholarship application must be submitted concurrently with the study program application.

As for the School of Humanities, the deadline falls in mid-January each year.

For comprehensive details about the application procedures, you can access and apply through the provided links below.


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