Haryana Scholarship  – covers a broad gamut of scholarships that are exclusively available for students of Haryana state.  Haryana continues to be an inspiration of pride for the country because it consistently produces some of the most intelligent public workers in India, as well as outstanding athletes who have earned medals and honors. 

The state government also administers a number of scholarships to improve the state’s current educational landscape, which only adds to its grandeur. Students from all walks of life who need financial support can benefit from a Haryana scholarship.

Objective Of Haryana Scholarship Scheme 2024

The primary goal of the Haryana scholarship program is to give the state of Haryana’s students the required amenities. However, For students who, for a variety of reasons, including financial difficulties, are unable to continue their education, the scholarship will be of tremendous assistance

We all understand that Haryana has a poor economy and that not everyone can afford to attend school there, so this policy will undoubtedly aid all of the pupils in obtaining a solid education and leading healthy lives. 

People can apply for a variety of scholarships, and kids can enroll in any of them based on their caste and classification.

Types of Haryana Scholarships

To aid students in their academic endeavors, there are numerous scholarship schemes available in Haryana. In Haryana, scholarships of the following kinds may be available:

  • The SC/BC Post-Matric Scholarship is intended exclusively for students from Scheduled Castes (SC) and Backward Classes (BC). It intends to give post-matriculation students who are studying financial aid.
  • Students from minority communities, such as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis, are eligible for the merit-based scholarship. It offers financial aid to deserving students from regions with weaker economies so they can pursue professional and technical education.
  • State of Haryana Meritorious Incentive Program: This scholarship is given however to deserving Haryana residents who have performed exceptionally well in the 10th or 12th-grade board exams administered by the Haryana Board of School Education or the National Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  • Chief Minister’s Scholarship Program: Students studying professional degree programs in engineering, medicine, administration, law, and other specialized subjects are eligible for this scholarship. Depending on their success on the qualifying exam, it offers financial aid to worthy students.
  • Pre-Matric Scholarship for SC/BC Students: Students from Scheduled Castes (SC) and Backward Classes (BC) who are enrolled in pre-matriculation courses are eligible for this scholarship. It attempts to motivate kids from these neighborhoods to pursue higher education.
  • Scholarships for Postgraduate Students in Haryana: Students pursuing postgraduate studies in several disciplines are eligible for this award. It provides financial aid to students so they can continue their education and meet their academic objectives.
  • Scholarships for Girls in Haryana: Haryana has a number of scholarships that encourage and empower female students. Also, these scholarships are designed to support female students who want to continue higher education and remove financial obstacles.

These are a few of the typical scholarship options offered in Haryana. Additionally, It is vital to keep in mind that each scholarship program may have different qualifying requirements, application processes, and deadlines.


Haryana Scholarship Application Status Check 

  • Candidates must however go to the Haryana Scholarship Scheme’s official website.
  • The candidate will get the option to check their application status there.
  • You can also check the status of the application by providing their Reference Number and Application Number.

Documents Required

When submitting an application for the scholarship opportunity, the following documents are necessary:-

  • Proof of birthdate or a transcript from high school
  • Bank information or a certificate of completion for a qualification
  • Aadhar card 
  • Address verification
  • Income statement
  • Letter of allocation for CAP admission Caste or category certificate
  • Receipt for fees
  • A passport-sized photo
  • The applicant’s signature was captured digitally
  • Certification of self-declaration

Ways To Apply For The Scheme

You can however apply in a variety of methods for the particular scholarship programs listed in the Haryana Scholarship 2024:-

  • For a pre-matric scholarship, apply via the Atal Seva Kendra or E-Disha facility.
  • Apply through respective schools and institutions for Dr. Ambedkar Medhavi Chhatra Sansodhit Yojana, Free Books, Uniform To Children scheme, Rajiv Gandhi scholarship for excellence in education scheme, Monthly Stipend for BPL and BC-A students, Cash Award Scheme for SC, and Anusuchit Jati Chhatra Ucch Shiksha Protsahan Yojana
  • For a post-matric scholarship, you can apply through the Hryscbcschemes website.
  • Use DWO/TWO to apply for the financial aid program.
  • For the Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Minority Students, apply to the national scholarship website.


Scholarship programs in Haryana demonstrate the government’s dedication to advancing social welfare, equality of opportunity, and education. 

These financial aid opportunities also motivate students to achieve academic success and make positive contributions to the state’s overall development.

Interested parties should consult the official websites or get in touch with the rightful officials in charge of administering these scholarships to learn more about the full selection of scholarships offered in Haryana and to comprehend the specifics and application procedures.