Think for yourself scholarship: Think independently. For high school students, Let Grow has arranged an essay competition scholarship with a $8,000 college award. By learning the pertinent details regarding this scholarship in this essay, you can participate in it.

Think for Yourself Scholarship

Brief History of the Think For Yourself Scholarship

Let’s Grow Inc. sponsored the scholarship program, which was launched in 2018 with the goal of elevating the best college and post-secondary students through open competition.

It is an essay-based scholarship program in which candidates must produce interesting and distinctive content on a predetermined subject.

The authors of the top four essays will be declared the winners and given cash prizes and other perks. The four lucky winners will each receive $8000 from the organizers.

The Scholarship has given out roughly $25000 to competition winners since 2018. The New York Post, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, New York Daily News, The New Jersey Ledger, EdWeek, and Quileute all print the winning essays.

Eligibility Requirements

The following prerequisites must be met to be eligible to compete in this TV Scholarship competition:

  1. Citizenship requirements: The Scholarship considers citizenship. United States citizens are therefore required to submit all essays. No matter how good your work is, you might not be chosen for a scholarship if such is the case. All applicants must have a valid address in either the District of Columbia or the United States.
  2. Age requirement: The applicant’s age at the time of application must be at least 15 years old.
  3. Academic requirements: All candidates must currently enroll in an accredited high school. They must presently be enrolled in either the 10th grade (sophomore), the 11th grade (junior), or the 12th grade (senior) in their respective high school.

They may also be students who will enroll in a 2- or 4-year program at a university, college, vocational school, or online study program before the autumn of 2026 at a recognized post-secondary institution of higher learning.

How To Apply For The Scholarship

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is January 1st, and it must be done online at the sponsor’s website using a completed scholarship application form. To access the sponsor’s website, click here.

A brief, original, unpublished essay is required of applicants in addition to their name, contact information, academic information, and background information. 

You must use proper grammar and spelling when writing your essay in English. Your essay cannot be more than 500 words. Any additional drafts or revised pages cannot be substituted after the initial application has been submitted.


Application Deadline Date

The deadline for this year’s Think For Yourself scholarship application is April 30. This signifies that after the deadline mentioned above, no essay will be accepted.

Once you’ve completed the form with all the required information, you may store your essay and submit it at a later time.

Important Information 

A pornographic, libelous, obscene, or otherwise unpleasant essay will not be accepted for any award. All applications instantly become the sponsor’s property, thus none will be returned.

The sponsor disclaims responsibility for any late, lost, unclear, or improperly directed applications. Once you submit your application, you unconditionally accept the official guidelines, the judgment of the judges, and the decision of the sponsor.

No more than one prize may be won by current employees, agents of the sponsor, directors, officers, workers of the same company, members of one immediate family (such as parents, spouses, children, and siblings), or anyone residing in the same home. They are taken into account as separate application entries.

Winners Selection Procedure

The sponsor is looking for applicants who will follow the rules, produce creative applications, and explicitly state which of the questions they chose to write about.

Four excellent applications will be chosen as the prospective winners on May 15th by a qualified and effective panel of judges after each entry has been marked according to the following criteria:

In the event of a tie, the candidate who receives the highest score on the overall excellence component wins.

The contest winners will be notified through email to the address on file when to come in for the necessary paperwork and signatures so they can claim their prizes.

Benefit for Winners of the Think for Yourself Scholarship

The winning rates for the four exceptional pieces are shown below:

The applicant with the best essay will receive $5,000, and the applicants with the other three essays will receive $1,000 apiece. The program’s winners will be contacted. The gifts won’t be worth more than the winner’s yearly tuition.

The award winner will make payment directly to the accredited tertiary institution of higher education. Once the scholarship recipient has given the sponsor evidence of enrollment.