League of Legends Scholarship Programme

League of Legends Scholarship – You’ve enjoyed playing video games for quite a while now without experiencing any advantages. Instead, the money you spent on playing online slots was a tremendous waste.

League of Legends Scholarship

The tendency is set to reverse itself, though, since there are now legitimate, competitive ways for you to make a sizable sum of cash from your online gaming hobbies.

How is that even possible? What must you do to bring it about? This post will address your inquiries and reveal a wealth of additional information concerning online video games that you should be aware of.

What’s the League of Legends Scholarship?

All eligible students have an equal chance of winning a particular amount of money through the League of Legends scholarship, which will be used to pay for their tuition.

The League of Legends Scholarship’s Top Six Universities

As part of their commitment to aid students in resolving financial difficulties, several educational schools participate in this beautiful Scholarship program.

But we’re going to limit our list to just six institutions that make sure their students get the League of Legends Scholarship. The institutions which make up our list are summarized below:

UC Irvine League of Legends Scholarship

By being the first public university to provide scholarships to students who play the League of Legends video game, UC Irvine created history.

Scholarship Value: Ten students will each get this scholarship for their undergraduate education. When a recipient departs from UC Irvine or its graduates, another receiver is contacted. Teams from UC Irvine will compete both with other colleges and against one another.

Columbia College League of Legends Scholarships

The League of Legends Scholarship program run by Columbia College comes in second on the list.

Despite the fact that the college, which is situated in Canada, started its own League of Legends Scholarship scheme in 2016, several students have benefited from it, and more are still anticipated to take part in future seasons.

Since this program doesn’t award winners with money or other prizes, it differs differently from the one previously mentioned. Anyone who is successful in getting a spot on the school squad will instead pay a discounted tuition rate.

Robert Morris University League of Legends Scholarship

Students who are interested in or intend to play League of Legends are eligible for the award.

Host Nation or Eligible Nation: Robert Morris University in Illinois, USA, provides both domestic and foreign students with this gaming scholarship.

Scholarship Worth: Successful applicants might receive up to $19,000 from this scholarship to attend Robert Morris University.

The university provides the chance to recruit students who are interested in playing sports, such as several NCAA sports. Interested parties can apply by completing a brief online form with their full name, contact details, and further interests. You will then get further details on the sport you chose.

Additionally, information regarding the competition can be found HERE for students who want to learn more about League of Legends and the esports teams.


The University of Pikeville Gaming Scholarship

The University of Pikeville, which is renowned for its many scholarship initiatives, takes part in the League of Legends scholarship.

In 2019, it launched its own League of Legends financial aid program, and since then, it has established itself as a household name in the world of online gaming.

Who Can Benefit From This Scholarship Program

The University of Kentucky’s scholarship program is open to both domestic and international students. As long as you have all the required documentation, you are eligible to get this financial aid.

Hawaii Pacific University

Additionally, Hawaii Pacific University is the ideal setting for you to hone your gaming skills without jeopardizing your academic performance.

Your chances of winning through this scholarship program are at least one in a million. In fact, depending on your League of Legends talent, the award could be as much as $6,000 every year.

In addition to playing League of Legends, you can also find other e-sport games to try out that will pay you well.

Who Can Benefit from This Scholarship Program

This scholarship is accessible to both domestic and international students, just like all the others that have already been mentioned.

However, as the initiative is primarily designed to serve new incoming students, it will only assist undergraduate students.


Indiana Tech

Indiana Tech, a university in Fort Wayne, is the last institution on our list to offer the League of Legends Scholarship.

IT, as it is affectionately known, was among the first colleges to embrace the e-sport program, and it significantly contributed to the growth of League of Legends among college students nationwide and abroad.

Just like in 2017, this scholarship provides varsity squad members with up to $5,000, while junior varsity players receive up to $2,500.

Who Can Benefit From The Indiana Tech’s Scholarship

The program is open to national, international, and enrolled undergraduate students, so it can benefit all students.