Arts for Life Scholarship

Arts for Life Scholarship: AFL is a non-profit arts organization situated in Metro St. Louis that promotes the therapeutic value of the arts through working with children, the underprivileged, and the local community. 

Arts for Life Scholarship

AFL honors and supports amateur theater and the arts in the Metro St. Louis area as a public service, and it is through this fusion of the arts and service that the AFL goal is fulfilled, and our community is rewarded.

The goal of the ARTS FOR LIFE Scholarship is to inspire students who are beginning or continuing their college studies to pursue careers in the arts (described below) when they graduate.

What is the Arts for Life Scholarship

The Arts for Life award is financial aid granted to senior students who have strong academic records, artistic talent, and exceptional drawing skills.

If you can sing, dance, or engage in any other artistic endeavors, you have an even better chance of earning the scholarship.

The prize also referred to as the “Arts for Life Award, awards $1000 to the top 25 Florida high school seniors.

You must be able to write original, captivating articles or write-ups because doing so will help you persuade the organizers that you deserve to be listed among the winners. Another prerequisite for the scholarship is the write-up.

Arts for Life Scholarship Requirements

All applicants wanting to be selected for the coveted scholarship must have the following documents:

  • Copy of the application form in threes
  • Three copies of the essay describing how our work has improved your life.
  • (Wallet-sized) picture
  • Three resumes (CV) copies
  • Signed artist release forms in three copies.
  • A sample of previously finished work or a project. It could be a song, a sculpture, a video of dancing, a book, etc.
  • You have to be a Florida high school graduate.
  • A free FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be submitted.

Keep in mind that as long as you are certain you have the necessary skills, you may apply to two or more disciplines. If you are an international student attending a school in Florida, you are eligible for this program.


How to Apply for an Arts for Life Scholarship

There are three methods for submitting an application for this year’s scholarship program: website, email, and regular email to the address.


  • Send an email expressing your want to be considered for the Arts for Life Award. Make sure the mail you send includes an artist release form (page 6), an application form (page 5), an essay, and a portfolio of work that adheres to the requirements for creative writing, dance, theater, music, or visual art.
  • As soon as they get your application, the organizers will contact you through email.
  • Although it’s not required, we suggest labeling the subject line of your email “Art For Life Award application” to catch the organizers’ eye.

Applying through the Official Portal

  • Examining the official website at is another approach to submitting an application for the Art for Life Award.
  • Visit the website, enter all the necessary information, select the category of your choice from the drop-down menu, and upload your essay and other documents. then proceed by clicking the apply button.
  • However, you should be aware that the registration window has closed, making the application portal inaccessible at this moment.

Sending a Typical Mail Application

This is more like to send an email, albeit you are using the following address to send an email to the organizers’ business address:

Attn: Art for Life!

PO Box 10691

Tallahassee FL 32310

It should contain attachments like a fully completed application form, an artist release form, a short essay, and a sample of a previously finished project in either creative writing, dance, theater, music, or any other comparable subject, similar to the one given to the email address.

Deadline Date

Because the application portal won’t be available starting on February 4, all applicants must submit their applications by the end of February 3. Likewise, after the deadline, it will be hard to investigate alternative application strategies.

Brief History

The Art for Life Award was established in 1999 by Columba Bush, the first lady of Florida at the time, to support graduating high school students in pursuing their academic goals.

Columba Bush had such a passion for the arts that she persuaded her husband and his associates to endorse her plan to award cash prizes to art students who achieved the highest marks.

She also established the Art for Life Foundation to oversee the scholarship application process and ensure that the winners are chosen on the basis of merit.

In order to ensure continuity, a not-for-profit foundation was also founded. Over 550 children have already benefited from the program, and more are anticipated later in the year.