UNICAF Scholarship

UNICAF is new and we are sure that you must have heard about their scholarship, the UNICAF scholarship. With all the benefits that come with this scholarship, coupled with the fact that it is trustworthy, you don’t want to miss it. As you read through, we will enlighten you, as well as guide you to the information you need to know about the UNICAF scholarship.

UNICAF Scholarship

About UNICAF as an Organisation

UNICAF is a leading online education provider that offers quality, affordable higher education opportunities to students across the globe.

One of the ways UNICAF makes education accessible to students is through its scholarship program. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on the UNICAF scholarship.

What is the UNICAF Scholarship?

The UNICAF Scholarship is a program that offers financial aid to students who wish to enroll in a degree program at a recognized college or university.

The scholarship pays for a sizable amount of tuition costs, making higher education more accessible to students.


Who is Eligible for the UNICAF Scholarship?

To be eligible for the UNICAF Scholarship, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Be proficient in the English language.
  3. Meet the minimum entry requirements of the program or degree they wish to pursue.
  4. Meet any additional requirements specific to the country or institution offering the program.

UNICAF Scholarship Available Courses/Fields

The list of programs and specialties covered by the UNICAF scholarship is provided below:

1. Liverpool John Moores University (England)

  • MA in Education
  • MA in International Relations
  • MA in Leadership in Education
  • MA in Mass Communications
  • MSc in International Public Health
  • MSc in Psychology
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)

2. The University of Suffolk (England)

  • MBA–Master of Business Administration
  • MSc Public Health

3. UNICAF University (Larnaca, Cyprus)

  • Doctorate of Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • Doctorate of Education (DBA)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

4. The University of East London (LONDON)

  • LLM (General)
  • MBA

5. UNICAF University (French Language)

  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management
  • Master of Art in English Lang and Literature
  • Master’s in Education
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA in Health Management
  • MBA- Master’s in business administration
  • MBA Oil, Gas and Energy Management
  • MSc Healthcare Management
  • MSc Managerial Psychology
  • MSc Web Design and Development
  • LLM – Master of Laws
  • MBA Management Information Systems
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration
  • BA English Language and Literature
  • BA in Economics and Business
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management
  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BSc in Accounting
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc supply chain Management and Logistics
  • LLB Bachelor of Laws

6. UNICAF University- French Programmes

  • Master en administration des affaires
  • Master en administration des affaires – Gestion de la santé
  • Master en administration des affaires – Gestion du pétrole, du Gaz et de l’énergie
  • Master en administration des affairs – Finance
  • Master en administration des affairs – Management
  • Master en administration des affairs – Management des systèmes information (MSI)
  • Master en Management de la Santé
  • Master en Psychologie du travail et des organizations


How to Apply

To apply for the UNICAF Scholarship, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the UNICAF website and select the program or degree you wish to pursue.

2. Fill out the application form and submit the required documents, including your CV, transcripts, and personal statement.

3. Wait for a response from the admissions team. If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter with details on the scholarship award and any additional requirements.

4. Accept the offer and enroll in the program.

Benefits of the UNICAF Scholarship

The UNICAF Scholarship offers several benefits to students, including:

1. Affordable Education

The scholarship reduces the cost of higher education by paying for a sizable amount of the tuition.

2. Flexible Learning

Online courses are available through UNICAF, allowing students to learn at their own speed and from any location.

3. Quality Education

To provide students with a high-quality education, UNICAF collaborates with approved universities and other institutions.

4. Career Advancement

Through UNICAF, you can enhance your career and discover new prospects.

For students who desire to pursue higher education but cannot afford the exorbitant tuition fees, the UNICAF Scholarship is a fantastic option.

The scholarship program has a number of advantages, including flexible learning options, quality education, and professional progression.

We urge you to apply for the UNICAF Scholarship if you match the eligibility standards and to take advantage of this chance to enhance your studies.