Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship: Michael McCready is by nature a family man. He lives in Chicago with his wife and their six kids. Keep reading to know more about the scholarship.

Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

As a family man who is deeply involved in his kids’ lives, Michael has witnessed the enormous negative effects that cyberbullying can have on people, their friends, and particularly their peers. 

Compared to “traditional” bullying, cyberbullying is significantly more pervasive. With so much technology at our disposal, kids are getting access to gadgets and social media at much younger ages. 

This makes it possible for children and teenagers to experience cyberbullying around the clock on many media platforms, not just in your local neighborhood but also in online communities with members from all over the world. 

By increasing awareness of cyberbullying prevention techniques, everyone can contribute to its prevention. 

A $1,000 award has been established by the personal injury lawyers at McCready Law for a student who is deeply committed to this cause.

What is Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

The goal of the scholarship program for cyberbullying prevention for teens is to increase student involvement in the battle against cyberbullying.

This scholarship initiative aims to ensure that students take active roles in combating cyberbullying because it will greatly benefit their financial situation.

It surprises me that the cyberbullying prevention for Teens scholarship is only open to US students, despite the organizers’ stated aim. If they match the requirements, US nationals are therefore more likely to profit from the scholarship program.

Despite not being a US citizen, you still stand a very good chance of getting the scholarship. You must be enrolled at a college or university with a US campus.


Scholarship Requirements

  • You need to be enrolled in an accredited school as an undergraduate, graduate, high school, or college student.
  • You must be a US citizen or enrolled in a US university or college.
  • You want to move to the US so you can continue your study there.
  • An innovative, well-organized essay is required.

How to Apply for Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship

Simple writing skills and submission of your essay to the scholarship address are all you need to apply for this scholarship. 

However, the detailed instructions for applying to the Cyberbullying Prevention for Teens Scholarship Program are provided below.

Produce Top-Notch Content

  • Create an article of at least 600 words explaining why and how to stop cyberbullying. Take your time when editing your piece to avoid any grammatical errors.
  • For your content to have a good chance, it must be a resourceful, research-based piece that includes concrete data and points. Additionally, your article must be completely original, as the organizers detest plagiarism and any other form of copy-pasted work.
  • Make an effort to mention your sources to support your points and to give them a more professional feel.

Create a docx file from your article:

  • You must convert your written content to a Doc file, the only format accepted, before submitting it. If you want your application to be read by the scholarship board or committee, you must use this format.
  • Send your content and additional information to the verified email at:
  • The last step of the application process is to email your essay to the scholarship’s email address.

Once you are certain that your writing merits a place among the winners, read it once or twice more and make any necessary edits. Before completing this application phase, you should ask another person (a learned colleague) to read your content and make the necessary modifications.

You can now send the item to the organizers’ email after ensuring its caliber. The email address for the cyberbullying prevention for Teens scholarship is

To demonstrate that you are a qualified student, make sure to include your first and last names, addresses, phone number, school name, field of study, and other verifiable documentation. Attach the articles to the address, then wait for a response from the organizers.

Application Portal

The scholarship application website.

If utilizing the email technique mentioned above makes you uncomfortable, you can apply using this website address.

Visit the website, select the “apply button,” and provide accurate information on the application form. To finish the application exercise, upload your written essay and press the “submit” button.

Scholarship Deadline Date

The scholarship application deadline is August 31, 2023. By the deadline of August 31st, interested candidates should submit their applications to with the subject line: “[Applicant’s Name] – 2023 Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship.”

Previous editions have always had a deadline in February. We advise you to submit your application as soon as you can using any of the options mentioned above while you wait for the official due day.