Folds of Honor Scholarships

The purpose of the Folds of Honor scholarship program is to assist in addressing the unmet needs of dependents of disabled or deceased military personnel. The Folds of Honor Foundation bestows the scholarship from Folds of Honor.

Folds of Honor Scholarship

The group began operating in 2007 as a relief organization that offers support and assistance to the spouses and kids of slain soldiers and heroes.

In truth, the organization’s sole and admirable goal ever since it was founded has been to support the spouses and children of America’s disabled and fallen service members via educational scholarships.

The Higher Education Scholarship, which is part of the organization’s second package, is given to people who are enrolled in college or university and seeking their first bachelor’s degree.

Folds of Honor Scholarship

The Honor Foundation scholarship scheme offers two types of scholarships. the organization has the Children’s Fund Scholarship, which is designed for children in the stage of relief organization through 12th graders.

However, since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has been awarded approximately 20,000 scholarships. In 2018–2019, it awarded nearly 4000 scholarships to military families, providing nearly $20 million in educational support.

Types of Folds of Honor Scholarships

The Children’s Fund Scholarship, which is available to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and the Higher Education Scholarship, which is available to students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree or certification at a post-secondary institution, are the two types of scholarship programs offered by the Folds of Honor foundation.

Both sorts of Folds of Honor scholarships have a maximum value of $5000 and are based on “unmet need” as established by the awardee’s paperwork.

They are moved by the spouses’ and kids’ determination to work hard and earn a college degree in memory of their military members. They also promise to fill the financial gap as you advance in your studies.

Applicant Eligibility

1. Applicant must be the guardian or dependent of fallen or disabled US  uniformed personnel.

2. They should know that the scholarships are for one (1) of the following categories: private school or tutoring services (individuals are not approved).

3. The candidate must be pursuing a first bachelor’s degree. Scholarships cannot be offered to those seeking a second bachelor’s degree or certificate program after earning a first bachelor’s degree.

4. All application information must be submitted through the Folds of Honor online portal. Documentation via USPS, fax, email, or phone is not accepted.

Scholarship Guidelines

1. The application period is from February 1 to March 31 every year. The deadline will be extended to the end of the first working day after March 31 if March 31 falls on a weekend.

2. Awards for scholarships can range from $5,000 to $2,500 (with a $250 minimum payment) per term.

3. Folds of Honor will only provide funding for the student’s true unmet need, calculated based on their school account balance if it is discovered after the awardee submits a check that they have an unmet need of less than $2,500.

4. The remainder of the cash will be kept by Folds of Honor for future use by the student during the same academic year.

5. Each year that they wish to be considered for funding from Folds of Honor, applicants must submit a new application.

6. The Folds of Honor online application platform must be used to submit all application materials. Documentation cannot be submitted by phone, fax, email, or US mail.

7. Notifications of offers or rejections will be sent around mid-July. Direct mail is used to send all funds to the educational institution. An awardee does not receive any money immediately.

Application Deadline

The Unmet Need Scholarship site typically opens on February 1 and remains open through April 1.

Those who are interested in applying should return to this page for updates. Soon, applications will open for 2023.

Before July 2023, students will be properly informed of the status of their applications.

Application Link:

Interested candidates can apply for this opportunity by login on to the Official Scholarship Website

Level/Field of Study:

1. The Fold of Honor Higher Education Scholarship is specially designed for fallen and disabled military dependents in the United States.

2. It is packaged for those seeking a first bachelor’s degree, which could be high school students concurrently enrolling in college courses or undergraduate students enrolled in or planning to enroll in a community college, university, or certificate, license, / technical program.

3. No particular field of study is specified for this scholarship.

4. Please note that master’s and postgraduate programs are not eligible.

The window of the application is open each calendar year from February 1 – April 1 for the upcoming academic year. Always check the website for updates. Best of luck!