CFA Financial Support Scholarship – Students who qualify may apply now for the CFA Financial Support Scholarship, which is entirely sponsored by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

CFA Financial Support Scholarship

If you choose, you can join the family of recipients of the CFA Financial Support Scholarship. All that is expected of you is that you take advantage of the knowledge we are providing you with as you read.

What is the CFA Financial Support Scholarship?

By promoting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional achievement, all with an eye toward advancing society, the Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) Institute takes the lead in guiding the development of the worldwide investment profession.

The CFA Program consists of a thorough three-part test that assesses knowledge of investment instruments, asset appraisal, portfolio management, and wealth planning.

To students enrolled in the MSc Finance and Banking program who match the minimal specifications outlined in the yearly application call, CFA grants three scholarships each year.

The CFA Program Student Scholarship offers access to the course materials and curriculum and waives the first enrollment price for the CFA program. It also cuts the CFA exam registration fee to USD 350.

Only in the last step of the exam registration checkout process does this discounted charge (USD 350) become visible.

This $350.00 cost for the three scholarship recipients will be covered by the MSc Finance and Banking program for the academic year 2022-2023.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Candidates for a CFA Program Student Scholarship must be enrolled in the MSc Finance and Banking program and not yet registered for their upcoming CFA exam. Scholarship applicants are also required to meet the enrollment criteria outlined here.

Benefits of the CFA Financial Support Scholarship

The scholarship covers the cost of the initial CFA Program membership fee (if applicable), and also offers a $250 US discount on the exam registration fee.

The curriculum eBook will also be made available to scholarship recipients.

Requirements for CFA Financial Support Scholarship 

All participants are required to observe the following Official Rules in order to preserve the integrity of the Program:

  1. Individuals who are either new or continuing candidates for the CFA Program may apply as scholarship candidates.
  2. Scholarship candidates are not subject to any precise income or wealth limitations, neither a minimum nor a maximum.
  3. Candidates are excluded if their present job offers any financial support for their CFA Program enrollment.
  4. Each applicant is only qualified to earn one Access Scholarship in a given year.
  5. A Candidate is only permitted to be awarded one scholarship for each exam.

As a result, if an applicant applies for both an Access Scholarship and an Awareness Scholarship and is chosen for one of them, the other applications will be rejected.

How to Apply

Two steps are included in the application procedure.

  • Students must initially follow the guidelines provided in the call for applications (described below), which calls for sending their application package to and
  • Students should then upload their application package on the CFA Institute website (as described in the “Student Guide to Student Scholarships.pdf”) after setting up an online CFA Institute account at
  • They will specifically ask applicants to upload a complete list of all exams they took while pursuing their master’s degree in science along with a motivation letter outlining their desire to become certified as a CFA.
  • We advise students to take notice of the specific dates mentioned in the call for applications because they are communicated through email when candidates are notified of the results of their evaluations.
  • Successful applicants must use the CFA website to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship award.



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