Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship- Students who meet the requirements may now apply for the Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship, which is entirely sponsored by Flinders University.

Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

If you choose, you can join the family of recipients of the Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship. You only need to benefit from information, which we are providing to you as you read, so that’s all that’s required of you.

The Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

Flinders University is a government financed educational institution that is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Matthew Flinders, a renowned explorer whose comprehensive surveys of the South Australian coastline left an imprint, is honored with the designation of this landmark in 1966.

The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), which was founded in 1893 and is governed by a Royal Charter, is still widely recognized.

AusIMM has promoted effective partnerships amongst a variety of sectors, including business, education, government, and community participation, thanks to its global branches and societies.

By providing great possibilities for professional development, the organization plays a crucial part in determining how careers develop.

Top-tier technical conferences, leadership gatherings, online learning environments, and the dissemination of business-related information are included in these.

The fact that this scholarship has a cumulative value of $9,000 is an advantage.


Requirements for Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

  1. Students with Australian citizenship or a visa for permanent residence are eligible.

Additionally, they must be South Australian citizens and exhibit a chance of advancing the state or the South Australian resources sector.

  1. Students must have a solid academic background that is evidenced by distinction in undergraduate work.
  2. Students should have high moral character, with preference given to those who have leadership potential.
  3. Students are encouraged to apply if they want to continue their education after receiving their Honours degree.
  4. Although it does not restrict them from applying, it is expected that students do not hold any other substantial scholarships at the same time.
  5. Scholarship applicants must be engaged full-time in one of the following programs: Bachelor of Science Honours, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing),
  6. Also, Environmental Engineering, with an emphasis on studies or a research project directly relevant to the minerals business. A student membership in the AusIMM must also be applied for.

Benefits of Playford Trust/AusIMM Minerals Scholarship

The total amount of the scholarships is $9,000.00.

Application Deadline

The scholarship has a September 16, 2023, deadline for applications. It is recommended that you submit your application before this deadline to ensure that it is completed as quickly as possible.


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