Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate

Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate: Tufts University in Medford University began as a small liberal arts school in New England and has since grown to become one of the best institutions in a region known for its outstanding private schools.

Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate

Tufts University, in addition to the first-rate academic programs and scholarly initiatives that one would expect from a tier-1 research institution, has a strong commitment to public service and active citizenship.

The school’s most prominent programs demonstrate its distinct mix of academics and values. The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy is one of the country’s oldest law schools, with a world-renowned international affairs program. 

Tufts Transfer Acceptance Rate

Tufts University’s transfer acceptance rate is 14.5%. Most universities accept far fewer transfer students than freshmen.

There are numerous reasons for this, ranging from limited available slots to a desire to prepare students for their entire college experience.

Tufts University deviates from the norm by accepting transfer students at a significantly higher rate than freshmen. Tufts used to have an acceptance rate of around 16%, but in recent years, it has dropped to 11% and then 9%.

As these figures show, fewer and fewer students are permitted to study at Tufts each year. This selectivity enhances the prestige of a Tufts education, which can lead to better job opportunities.

Even better, the transfer acceptance rate appears to be stable, even as the first-year acceptance rate decreases. While this is certainly encouraging news for transfer candidates, it is critical to keep things in perspective.

The 14.5% acceptance rate is higher than the standard rate, but it remains extremely competitive. At that rate, Tufts will reject 8.5 out of every ten transfer applicants.


Who is Eligible for Transfer Admission?

A transfer student is a student who has enrolled in another college or university. To be considered for transfer to Tufts, students must have good academic and disciplinary standing at an accredited two- or four-year institution.

If you have any questions about transfer eligibility or the application process, please contact Tufts via email at transfer.admissions@tufts.edu.

To be a successful candidate for transfer admission to Tufts, we recommend that you have completed at least one year of college before enrolling. Successful applicants to the School of Engineering must complete a specific level of coursework before being considered for admission, which can be found here.

To earn an undergraduate degree from Tufts, students must be full-time members of the Tufts community for at least two years. Students who have already completed more than two years of full-time college credit are discouraged from applying to Tufts.

Students who have taken classes at a college or university but have not enrolled to pursue a degree are eligible to apply as first-year applicants.

Prospective students aged 24 and up, veterans, active duty military personnel, parents, and married individuals may be eligible for our Resumed Education for Adult Learning (REAL) program, which has different application requirements. More information is available here.

Tufts Transfer Deadline

Tufts University’s transfer deadline is March 15th. The most important thing to remember is that the application must be completed and submitted by March 15 of each year.

That’s especially important to remember because Tufts only accepts transfer students for the fall semester. If you miss the March 15th deadline, you’ll have to wait a full year to try again.

That is a significant difference from the standard application deadline. Freshmen face three application deadlines per year. The two early decision deadlines are in early November and early January, with the regular admission deadline in early January.

Why is the transfer deadline significantly later than the regular deadline? Tufts bases its transfer decisions on the number of admissions slots available. Tufts will consider transfer applicants after they have determined the number of first-year students they will admit.


How to Apply As a Transfer Student to Tufts

Tufts University is a highly respected institution that deserves to be included among the more well-known New England private schools. While its overall acceptance rate appears to be dropping, its transfer acceptance rate remains relatively high at 14.5%.

As encouraging as those figures are, they still indicate that eight or nine out of every ten students’ applications will be rejected.

To be one of the fortunate few admitted to Tufts, you must not only meet, but exceed, the required minimum GPA of 3.0. The closer you are to getting all A’s, the better your chances of acceptance.

Similarly, your chances improve if you’ve completed all of the prerequisites for your major and can start working on higher-level courses as soon as you enroll.