Georgetown Acceptance Rate  – Georgetown University holds a prestigious spot as the top Jesuit school in the country, nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C. It’s a magnet for high school standouts worldwide, making acceptance rates dance close to the single digits in recent years. But fear not, because Georgetown opens its gates to a select group of transfer applicants each year—usually between 80 and 300 hopefuls. 

Georgetown Acceptance Rate

So, if you’re eyeing a spot as a Hoya, this blog’s got the inside scoop on the Georgetown transfer acceptance rate, along with crucial details like application deadlines, requirements, decision dates, and more. Let’s unravel the mystery of transferring to this academic powerhouse!

Georgetown Transfer Acceptance Rate

Let’s dive into the transfer scene at Georgetown University. In the fall of 2022, a total of 2,528 hopefuls threw their hats in the ring, and only 185 emerged victorious with that coveted acceptance letter. Crunch the numbers, and you’ve got a transfer acceptance rate of 7.3%. 

If we break it down by gender, the stats tell us that male transfer applicants had a 7.2% shot, while their female counterparts enjoyed a slightly higher 7.3% acceptance rate.

Now, rewind to the fall of 2021: 2,655 students tried their luck, but only 86 made the cut. That year, the transfer acceptance rate stood at a challenging 3.2%.

Here’s the plot twist: When it comes to Georgetown, historical data is like a rollercoaster ride. The transfer acceptance rate has swung between 3% and 17% in recent years. So, getting into the school is no small feat, but for those who cut, it’s a ticket to one of the most prestigious universities in the country.


Georgetown Transfer Deadline

If you’re eyeing a transfer to Georgetown University, here’s a crucial detail: they only offer a fall transfer option. Circle March 1 on your calendar because that’s the deadline to make your move. If you’re dreaming of becoming a Hoya in the fall, this is your moment—don’t miss it.

Georgetown Transfer GPA

If you’re aiming to transfer to Georgetown University, having a strong college GPA is key. In recent years, the average GPA for admitted transfers has ranged from 3.8 to 3.9. The bar is set high, and shooting for a GPA of 3.8 or above is desired. The closer you can get to that perfect 4.0, the better your chances are.

In addition to a stellar college GPA, Georgetown values academic achievement in high school. The majority of accepted transfer students tend to come from the top 10–20% of their graduating high school class

So, it’s not just about your college performance; your high school record also plays a significant role in the admissions process. Aim high, and you might just find yourself donning the Hoya colors.


Final Thoughts: Georgetown Acceptance Rate

If you’re gearing up to submit a transfer application to Georgetown University, get ready for a holistic evaluation process. The admissions committee takes a comprehensive look at approximately 2,300 applications each year. For serious consideration, they recommend a B+ average or higher, a guideline supported by recent data.

Georgetown’s admissions team aims to bring in students who they believe will thrive in the university’s unique curricular structure and offerings. So, it’s not just about the grades; they’re looking for individuals who align with Georgetown’s academic environment.

Now, brace yourself for the process: applying to Georgetown will cost you $75, and it’s not a walk in the park. Unlike some schools using the Common App, Georgetown has an application system that includes multiple essays. 

It might demand a significant investment of time, but all that effort can pay off, especially in years when the acceptance rate is more generous. So, if you’re up for the challenge, dive in and show Georgetown why you’re the perfect fit for their academic community.