University Of Missouri Acceptance Rate

University Of Missouri Acceptance Rate: You ought to use this chance to visit Columbia after you’ve settled into your dorm. It’s a lovely city with lots of greenery.

University Of Missouri Acceptance Rate

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You will have an advantage over your peers if you take and pass your AP exams and request that they be applied to your university credits.

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An Overview

Founded in 1839, the University of Missouri (MU) is a public research university. As the flagship campus of its system, the University of Missouri is one of the 34 public universities that belong to the Association of American Universities.

The Missouri University Research Center is regarded as the most significant research reactor in the world. Additionally, the university operates four hospitals in Mid-Missouri as part of its health care system.

The university campus, which spans 1262 acres and includes a verdant botanical garden, is located in Columbia, Missouri. The University of Missouri was ranked 73rd in the United States and 190th in the world in the 2018–19 CWUR World Universities Rankings.

Red Campus and White Campus are the two primary divisions of the university’s campus. The historic campus, which includes buildings like Switzler Hall and Jesse Hall, is denoted by Red Campus. There’s a new structure on White Campus designed in the Neo-Gothic style.


University Of Missouri Acceptance Rate

Missouri has a 78% acceptance rate, making admission there somewhat competitive. Our analysis shows that you need to be near the top of your class and have an SAT or ACT score of about 1200 or 26 to stand a good chance of being admitted.

Not quite ready? Your chances of getting in are still slim, but you can try enrolling in our SAT prep course.

Missouri Admissions Statistics

In 2017, the acceptance rate in Missouri was 78%. Of the 21,988 applicants for the class of 2021, Missouri admitted roughly 17,180. The average SAT score was 1220, the average ACT score was 26, and the average GPA of accepted applicants was 3.54.

The 25th percentile score of successful applicants for students who took the ACT was 24, and the 75th percentile score was 29.

The 25th percentile score for students who took the SAT was 1140. 1370 was the 75th percentile score.



In summary, even though the University of Missouri’s acceptance rate has fluctuated over time. It is still a very competitive school for potential students.

Examining the statistics on acceptance rates offers important information about how selective the university is as well as potential obstacles applicants may encounter.

To improve their chances of admission, prospective students must approach admissions with a strong extracurricular record, a well-rounded academic profile, and an engaging application.

Additionally, by being aware of the patterns in acceptance rates and the variables affecting these figures, prospective students can make well-informed choices about the University of Missouri.