Lockheed Martin Scholarships

The Lockheed Martin Scholarships are available to assist college-level students around the country in their academic endeavors, regardless of who they are. So take your time and read on to learn more.

Lockheed Martin Scholarships

About Lockheed Martin Scholarships 

For the fourth year running, Lockheed Martin is offering a four-year Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Scholarship program.

Through this initiative, assistance has been provided to around 600 engineering or computer science majors who also come from underserved or minority neighborhoods and have financial concerns.

Lockheed Martin is offering associate degree candidates a vocational scholarship program for the second year in a row.

This program now provides assistance to more than 150 students of all ages as they seek skill-based training in disciplines including cutting-edge technology and sophisticated manufacturing.


Types of Lockheed Martin Scholarships

These scholarship programs are necessary for the creation of a competitive and diversified labor force that may significantly influence developing technologies like cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and other career routes.

Last year, they received almost 7,000 applications. Through these competitive programs, which can also be utilized as a stepping stone to a career with Lockheed Martin, the next generation of excellent talent is created.

At Lockheed Martin, more than 60 scholars from both scholarship programs have been granted access to early-career options like internships and apprenticeships.

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Program

Lockheed Martin launched the STEM Scholarship Program in 2018 as a part of its investment in the next generation of STEM talent.

They are committed to providing all students with access to pathways through school and into the STEM sector, particularly those from diverse backgrounds and groups that have historically been underrepresented in STEM careers.

The STEM Scholarship Program awards $10,000 each year to 200 students majoring in engineering or computer science at 4-year colleges or universities.

Up to three renewals are permitted for the scholarship, which has a maximum value of $40,000 per student.

The application process for the new cycle will start in January 2023.

Eligibility Requirements

For entry into the Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Program, candidates must be eligible.

American nationality

2. Proving a financial need

3. A senior in high school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher OR a first-year or second-year undergraduate with a 2.5 or higher

4. Current or upcoming enrollment in the following majors for a 4-year degree includes:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics

5. Currently attending or intending to attend a four-year approved institution in the United States full-time

Any interest in a paid internship with Lockheed Martin after their first, second, or third year of college, regardless of any other conditions (note: an internship is not a requirement for receiving a scholarship, and scholarship recipients are not promised an internship).

Selection of Recipients

1. When selecting scholarship recipients, a variety of factors are taken into consideration, including academic achievement, leadership potential and participation in extracurricular activities, job experience, a statement of one’s educational and professional goals, unusual personal or family circumstances, and an outside appraisal.

2. Candidates who self-identify as members of historically underrepresented groups in STEM areas, including women, members of racial and ethnic minorities, those with disabilities (as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act), LGBTQ individuals, and others, will be given further consideration.

First-generation college students, those serving or planning to serve in the United States military on active duty, including Reserves and the National Guard, veterans of the United States military, including Reserves and the National Guard, and spouses of such individuals

Scholarship America chooses the winners; no executive or employee of Lockheed Martin is ever involved in the decision-making process. All candidates concur to accept the judgment as final.

Lockheed Martin actively supports inclusivity and fair opportunity.

Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship

In order to help students of all ages pursue skills-based education in the engineering, technology, and advanced manufacturing industries, Lockheed Martin launched the Vocational Scholarship program in January 2020.

The Vocational Scholarship program is an important component of Lockheed Martin’s participation in education and workforce development.

150 students have receive up to $5,000 through Lockheed Martin’s vocational scholarship program in 2022.

The application process for the new cycle will start in January 2024.

Eligibility Requirements

All eligibility requirements for the Lockheed Martin Vocational Scholarship Program must be satisfied. Candidates must:

1. Have US citizenship.

2. Have a high school diploma or be a senior (or GED equivalent).

3. Have not graduated with a bachelor’s degree before the academic year 2024.

4. Be enrolled in or have plans to enroll part- or full-time in a vocational-technical school, trade school, two-year community college, or state college, all of which are accredited schools.

5. Pursue an associate’s degree, a certificate with credit requirements, or a certification recognized by the business in one of the fields of study listed below, with an expected completion date between December 2022 and June 2025.

Even if the student’s specific major is not on the list but falls under one of the stated fields of study, they are still welcome to apply.


Fields of Study and Specific Majors

1. Advanced Manufacturing

Boiler making, CNC Machinist Tech, Machine Shop Tech, Machine Tool Tech, Metal Fabricator, Sheet Metal Tech, Tool and Die Tech, Welding

2. Computer and Information Sciences

Computer and Information Sciences, Computer and Information Systems Security/Cyber Intelligence, Computer Networking and telecommunications,  Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analysis, Data Processing Tech, Database Management, Information Science, Information Technology, LAN and WAN Management, Web Development, Web Management, Software Development

3. Engineering

Aerospace, Automation, Electrical, Electromechanical, Engineering, Mechatronics, Robotics

4. Engineering Technologies

Aerospace Engineer Tech, Automation Engineer Tech, CAD Drafting and Design, Composites, Computer Engineer Tech, Computer Hardware Tech, Computer Software Tech, Computer Systems Tech, Electrical/Electronics Tech, Electrical/Electronic Drafting, Electromechanical Tech, Engineering Design, Engineering Tech, Industrial Engineering Tech, Instrumentation Tech, Laser and Optical Tech, Manufacturing Engineer Tech, Mechanical Drafting Tech, Mechanical Engineer Tech, Quality Control Tech, Robotics Tech

5. Mechanical and Repair Technologies

Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Powerplant Tech, Airframe Mechanics, Automotive Tech, Avionics Maintenance Tech, Computer Installation, and Repair Tech, Electronic Tech, Heating & AC Tech, Industrial Maintenance Tech, Mechanics & Repairers

Vocational Scholarship Selection of Recipients

The criteria used to select the scholarship recipients include academic achievement, professional experience, a statement of educational and career goals and objectives, unique personal or family circumstances, and an outside appraisal.

Candidates who are currently enrolled in or plan to enroll in one of Lockheed Martin’s priority institutions will be given priority. Attendance at one of the targeted colleges is not necessary to qualify for the scholarship.

First-generation college students, women, members of underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, people with disabilities (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act), LGBTQ individuals, active duty military personnel, including those in the reserves and National Guard, and veterans, including those in the reserves and national guard, will all be given preference. Spouses of U.S. military personnel who are on active duty, reserve, national guard, or Veterans will also be given preference.

Scholarship America makes the choice of winners. No executive or employee of Lockheed Martin is ever involved in the selection process. All candidates concur to accept the judgment as final.

Lockheed Martin actively supports inclusivity and fair opportunity.

Now that you are aware of Lockheed Martin Scholarships, you ought to apply to be part of their family.