Queen’s College Acceptance Rate – Queen’s University is a top-notch Canadian university that’s all about impactful research and offering an inclusive education. They’ve got over 90 undergraduate and 125 graduate programs to choose from.

Queens College Acceptance Rate

Ranked 209 in the QS World University Rankings 2024, Queen’s is definitely committed to excellence. Before you start thinking about applying, it’s a good idea to know the Queen’s University acceptance rate. 

That way, you can figure out your chances of making it in. Stick around and keep reading this blog to get all the details on the acceptance rate at Queen’s University.

Queens College Acceptance Rate

Queens College has a pretty reasonable acceptance rate of 69%, and the application deadline works on a rolling basis.

When it comes to admissions, the GPA is a big deal for the folks at Queens College. They pay attention to how well you’ve done academically.

Interestingly, high school class rank isn’t something they look at, but letters of recommendation do matter to the admissions team at Queens College. They value those insights into your character and capabilities.


About Queen’s University

Queen’s University, situated in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, stands as a public research institution. Nestled in the ancestral land of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples, the university is deeply woven into the local and regional fabric of Kingston, making a significant impact on its economics, culture, and social dynamics.

Renowned for its excellence in various academic fields, Queen’s University is particularly distinguished in computational science and engineering, clinical sciences, globalization studies, mental health, the environment, sustainable energy, and social issues. Notably, the social sciences and engineering programs stand out as two of the most popular offerings.

Reflecting its commitment to wisdom and knowledge, as encapsulated in its Latin motto, Queen’s University has produced notable alumni, including government figures, professors, business leaders, and an impressive 57 Rhodes Scholars. The institution continues to be a hub for intellectual and societal contributions.


More Accolades for The Queen College

At Queens College, while there is a residence hall available, a significant number of students opt for off-campus living, and a good portion of them choose to stay in New York even after graduation.

Notably, about a quarter of the student body at Queens College is 25 years of age or older. To support these individuals, the college has tailored programs, such as affordable daycare services for students with children.

Additionally, there’s a unique Weekend College program, allowing participants to earn a four-year undergraduate degree by attending classes exclusively on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.

For on-campus engagement, Queen’s students have a vibrant array of activities at their disposal. With over 100 clubs, opportunities to participate in intramural sports teams, and involvement in varsity athletics, there’s something for everyone.

The college’s 20 intercollegiate sports teams, known as the Queens College Knights, compete in the NCAA Division II East Coast Conference. This diverse range of offerings ensures a rich and fulfilling college experience, both on and off-campus

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