Maduka University is gradually becoming one of Nigeria’s best by the day. Many wish to be part of this institution but know next to nothing about it, especially its school fees. This is why we are here, as you read on we will be equipping you with the necessary information regarding its fees.

Maduka University

Maduka University School Fees

Maduka University is excited to announce the school fee structure for the 2024 academic session. As a respected institution dedicated to delivering excellent education, we aim to provide competitive and affordable fees to ensure accessibility for all deserving students.

It is important to note that their fee schedule does not include any tuition fees, as we are offering free tuition to all our pioneering students.


School of Business and Social Sciences

Accounting – ₦338,000

Economics – ₦338,000

Mass Communication – ₦338,000

International Relations – ₦338,000

Transport Management – ₦338,000

School of Computing

Information Technology – ₦378,000

Computer Science – ₦378,000

Cybersecurity – ₦378,000

Software Engineering – ₦378,000

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering – ₦378,000

Electrical and Electronics Engineering – ₦378,000

Mechanical Engineering – ₦378,000

Mechatronics Engineering – ₦378,000

Computer Engineering – ₦378,000

School of Health Sciences

Physiotherapy – ₦378,000

Medical Laboratory Science – ₦378,000

Nursing Science – ₦588,000

Pharmacy – ₦588,000

School of Law

LAW – ₦588,000

The school fees mentioned above are paid per academic session, which is yearly.

Maduka University provides a Pre-Degree Program to assist prospective students who did not take the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams. The fees for the Pre-Degree Program are ₦300,000.

Additionally, accommodation charges for the 2024 academic session amount to ₦105,000 per year, in addition to the approved fees.

They also have other types of Accommodation:

6/1 = N80,000,

4/1 = N105,000,

2/1 = N210,000,

1/1 = N400,000.

Maduka University is dedicated to creating a conducive environment for students to excel academically and prepare for successful careers.


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