UCLA Nursing Acceptance Rate

UCLA Nursing Acceptance Rate: Starting a nursing education journey is a big decision, and for the academic year 2024–2025, picking the right school is crucial.

UCLA Nursing Acceptance Rate

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the most esteemed institutions because of its well-known nursing program.

We explore the UCLA Nursing Acceptance Rate in this blog post, offering prospective nurses insightful information to help them decide on their course of study. 

UCLA School of Nursing

One of the best nursing programs in the country is the UCLA School of Nursing. It offers some additional benefits to those who enroll, in addition to a wealth of resources and information on everything related to nursing. For instance, upon admission, students are guaranteed housing options on campus and receive a $7000 scholarship.

The Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is an exclusive facility that provides wellness classes, health screenings, peer education programs, fitness centers, nutrition counseling sessions, and acupuncture clinics.

Other services, will also be accessible to students. In addition, the school offers leadership and current nurse courses for professional development.


UCLA Nursing Acceptance Rate

In one sense, the UCLA School of Nursing is indeed an extremely selective institution. The acceptance rate for BS applicants in nursing at UCLA is 1%.

Every year, the UCLA School of Nursing accepts only 50 students out of over 5,000 applicants. Out of over 600 applicants, only 70 students are accepted for MECN admissions, representing an acceptance rate of about 11.7%.

Nursing students who pass the National Council Licensure Exam after their program can register to become licensed nurses right away. In 2021–2022, 50 nursing students from UCLA took the NCLEX, and 84% of them passed.

The competition between nursing programs is fierce. Because of this, there are typically only between 22 and 60 students enrolled in nursing programs nationwide, and the acceptance rate is low.

Nursing Schools With High Acceptance Rates

While it might be challenging to get into a prestigious college or university, students looking for less competitive admissions have many options.

Approximately two dozen universities have nursing programs with a 100% acceptance rate, according to U.S. News & World Report. This includes prestigious state universities such as Utah’s and Iowa’s universities.

Students hoping to enter the nursing field typically have a lower bar for admission to community colleges, especially if they have less experience in related fields. A person with an associate degree can work as an RN.

In 2023, the average acceptance rate for community colleges across the country was 80%, as reported by Community College Review. For public community colleges, it is marginally higher (88%) and for private two-year colleges, it is lower (74%).


Nursing Schools With Low Acceptance Rates

It is not surprising that Ivy League universities’ nursing programs have some of the lowest acceptance rates.

Ivy Scholars reports that the acceptance rate for the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is 25%. Even though that is a lot higher than the institution’s overall 9% acceptance rate, it still places the nursing program among the hardest to get into in the country.

Not just Ivy League universities have difficult-to-get admissions to nursing programs.

According to UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Nursing typically receives more than 5,000 applications annually for its bachelor’s in nursing program, but there are only 50 available spots. That represents a mere 1% acceptance rate.

The master’s program at UCLA is marginally easier to get into. According to the institution, out of about 600 applications, there are 70 open spots each year, representing an acceptance rate of 11.7%.