Depauw University Acceptance Rate

Depauw University Acceptance Rate: DePauw University incorporates writing, speaking, and quantitative reasoning instruction into all majors’ courses because it understands the value of these fundamental skills.

Depauw University Acceptance Rate

The school encourages creative teaching, independent thought, and candid communication between instructors and students. DePauw is among the top ten universities in the nation for producing Fulbright scholars

Depauw University Acceptance Rate Statistics

The acceptance rate at DePauw University is 68%. DePauw University’s acceptance rate of 68% is a statistic that represents the percentage of applicants that are accepted into the university. It indicates that roughly 68% of all applicants who apply to DePauw University are accepted and given admission.

This figure illustrates how competitive DePauw University’s admissions process is and indicates that the school has a somewhat selective admissions policy. DePauw University’s acceptance rate for early decisions was nearly 90%.

DePauw University’s early decision acceptance rate of nearly 90% suggests that a sizable fraction of applicants who submitted early decision applications were accepted.

In particular, about 90% of all applicants who applied through early decision received an admissions offer from DePauw University. The university appears to strongly favor early decision applicants and is willing to admit a sizable percentage of them, based on the high acceptance rate.


Admissions Chances

Less than two-thirds of applicants are accepted to DePauw University, meaning that its admissions pool is competitive. At DePauw, on the other hand, admissions decisions are based on a lot more factors than just test scores.

The school also has a holistic admissions process. Your application can be strengthened by participation in worthwhile extracurricular activities, excellent letters of recommendation, a demanding course schedule, and a strong application essay.

Not just students who show promise in the classroom are what the college is looking for; they also want students who will make meaningful contributions to the campus community.

DePauw strongly advises interviews for interested candidates, though they are not necessary. Even if a student’s grades and scores fall outside of DePauw’s average range, they may still be given careful consideration if they have an exceptionally compelling story or record of accomplishment.

SAT and ACT Requirements

The requirements for standardized testing vary by school. While many colleges do not require the SAT or ACT, many do consider your scores if you choose to submit them.

Although DePauw University hasn’t stated its policy regarding SAT or ACT requirements clearly, it’s probably test-flexible given that its average SAT or ACT scores are public (we’ll discuss this in more detail later).

These colleges typically advise applicants to submit their scores if they believe they accurately reflect their abilities as a students. If not, do not.

The majority of students take the SAT or ACT despite this policy, and the majority of DePauw University applicants submit their results. In comparison to other students, you will have one less way to demonstrate your merit for admission if you fail to turn in your test results.

DePauw University Transfer Student Admissions

Students who are willing to transfer from other US universities are also accepted to the university. Although they must complete a few extra steps, transfer students apply using the same procedures as regular students. 

To apply to the university, transfer students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 (80%) in all college-level coursework. Apply online via the university’s website.

Deadline to apply: December 1st for winter/spring semester, June 1st for fall semester. The following actions must be taken by transfer students in order to apply to the university:

  • Fill out the online Common Application for Transfer Students.
  • Send in reports from college officials using a common application.
  • Send in all of your previous college’s official transcripts.
  • Send in your final transcript from high school. An unofficial transcript may be used by students for admissions purposes, but the official transcript must be submitted for enrollment.
  • Applicants to the School of Music must successfully complete the audition process.
  • In order to start the transfer of credits, students must cooperate with the registrar’s office.
  • To accept admission or enroll in the university, send in a $400 USD non-refundable fee.
  • Students who pay a fee of $1,100 USD can also postpone their admission for a year.

The undergraduate admissions process at DePauw University is easy to navigate. Within a month of the application, all of the results were communicated. 

Students are required to periodically check their student portal, which serves as a communication tool for all things related to the admissions process.



In conclusion, the statistics on Depauw University’s acceptance rate provide insight into how competitive their admissions procedure is.

It is clear from the low acceptance rate that Depauw values a selective admissions process, searching for the most qualified and varied pool of candidates.

It is crucial to remember that although a lower acceptance rate might make it harder for applicants to be accepted, it also speaks to the excellent educational opportunities and resources that accepted students have access to.

When making decisions, prospective students should weigh these statistics as one element among many, concentrating instead on their academic background, personal accomplishments, and fit with Depauw’s mission and values.