Bowen University

Are you curious about the tuition at Bowen University? The schedule of Bowen University’s tuition costs and other crucial requirements? If so, keep reading to learn more about Bowen University’s tuition costs and entry criteria for the 2024 academic year.

Bowen University

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About Bowen University

In Iwo, Osun State, southwest Nigeria, there is a private Christian university called The Bowen University.

The university was founded in 2001 with the aim of doing research and teaching.

Students at Bowen University possess a unique blend of intellectual prowess and love for both God and others.

It is a Christian institution that offers bachelor’s degree programs in a variety of fields, including education, medicine, science, social and management sciences, and agriculture.

The staff and student demographics are unknown to us, despite the fact that the student body is fairly diverse.

Given that it is a private college, we do know that it is filled, albeit not as densely as federal universities.

Bowen University’s outstanding reputation and affordable tuition make admission there relatively challenging.

Depending on the degree, Bowen University’s tuition costs range from N600,000 to N700,000; in addition, it provides students with quality hostels and other amenities including a library and nice campus buildings.

Bowen University School Fees Schedule

An academic calendar with two semesters is used at Bowen University.

An acceptance fee, which is a required payment for all educational institutions in Nigeria, must be paid by newly admitted students.

However, to show that they have acceded to the institution’s admission offer. Students are urged to visit the administrative building of the school for the necessary instructions on which bank to deposit their fees.

The regular tuition at Bowen University is twenty-eight thousand, four hundred and seventy Naira (N208,470).

The organized tuition schedule for students at Bowen University is as follows:

Faculties/Courses Total





Accommodation and convenience


Other fees


Bench Fees


College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Sciences

Biochemistry 929,400 635,400 180,000 74,000 40,000
Microbiology 929,400 635,400 180,000 74,000 40,000
Pure and Applied Biology 760,900 506,900 180,000 74,000
Chemistry 780,900 506,900 180,000 74,000 20,000
Industrial Chemistry 909,400 635,400 180,000 74,000 20,000
Mathematics 760,900 506,900 180,000 74,000
Statistics 760,900 506,900 180,000 74,000
Physics and Solar Energy 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Agricultural Science 716,900 462,900 180,000 74,000
Food Science and Technology 738,900 464,900 180,000 74,000 20,000
Electrical and Electronics 1,000,000 646,000 180,000 74,000 100,000
Mechatronics 1,000,000 646,000 180,000 74,000 100,000

College of Social Management Science

Accounting and Finance 927,000 633,400 180,000 74,000 40,000
Business Administration 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Economics 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Sociology 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Political Science 927,400 633,400 180,000 74,000 40,000
International Relations 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
College of Law
Law 1,599,000 970,000 180,000 74,000 375,000
College of Liberal Studies
English 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
History and International Studies 887,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Theatre Arts 760,900 506,900 180,000 74,000
Music 760,900 506,900 180,000 74,000
Religious Studies 485,900 231,900 180,000 74,000

College of Computing and Communication Studies

Computer Science and Information Technology 1,000,000 646,000 180,000 74,000 100,000
Mass Communication 927,400 633,400 180,000 74,000
Communication Arts 887,000 633,000 180,000 74,000

College of Health Sciences

Anatomy 897,400 633,400 180,000 74,000 10,000
Physiology 897,400 633,400 180,000 74,000 10,000
Nursing and Nursing Science 1,256,900 757,900 180,000 74,000 245,000
Physiotherapy 1,119,500 645,500 180,000 74,000 220,000
Medical Laboratory Science 1,100,000 645,000 180,000 74,000 200,000
Public Health 967,400 633,400 180,000 74,000 80,000
Medicine and Surgery (Pre-clinical) 2,999,500 1,500,000 180,000 74,000  1,245,500
Nutrition and Dietetics 694,900 420,900 180,000 74,000 20,000

Bowen University Remedial Students School Fees Structure

The Extended Remedial Program is a course offered by Bowen University. The breakdown of the program’s projected student expenses is provided below:

1. N75,000 for a single course.

2. N140,000 for two courses.

3. More than two courses with fewer than 12 credit units N180,000.

4. Extra credits for graduating students with fewer than fourteen credits N20,000 per credit

5. The last payment is due upon completion of the Extended Remedial Program.

How to Pay School Fees at Bowen University

The payment systems at Bowen University are user-friendly and flexible to the requirements of the students.

In order to effectively pay university fees, a newly admitted student who intends to make payments must pay particular attention to the information offered.

Following is the payment process for students at various academic levels:

1. Academic level 100, 300, and 500 students are required to pay their tuition via bank draft, which is due on the first day of class.

2. Academic level 200 and 400 students are required to pay via the Skye Bank Plc E-Payment system.

How to Make Installment School Fees Payment

Below shows how students could make installment fees payment:

First Installment Second Installment
College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Sciences
Biochemistry 650,580 278,820
Microbiology 650,580 278,820
Pure and Applied Biology 532,630 228,270
Chemistry 546,630 234,270
Industrial Chemistry 636,580 272,820
Mathematics 532,630 228,270
Statistics 532,630 228,270
Physics and Solar Energy 621,180 266,220
Agricultural Science 501,830 215,070
Food Science and Technology 517,230 221,670
Electrical and Electronics 700,000 300,000
Mechatronics 700,000 300,000
College of Social Management Science
Accounting and Finance 649,180 278,220
Business Administration 621,180 266,220
Economics 621,180 266,220
Sociology 621,180 266,220
Political Science 649,180 278,220
International Relations 621,180 266,220
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management 621,180 266,220
College of Law
Law 1,119,300 479,700
College of Liberal Studies
English 620,900 266,100
History and International Studies 620,900 266,100
Theatre Arts 532,630 228,270
Music 532,630 228,270
Religious Studies 340,130 145,770
College of Computing and Communication Studies
Computer Science and Information Technology 700,000 300,000
Mass Communication 649,180 278,220
Communication Arts 620,900 266,100
College of Health Sciences
Anatomy 628,180 269,220
Physiology 628,180 269,220
Nursing and Nursing Science 879,830 377,070
Physiotherapy 783,650 335,850
Medical Laboratory Science 770,000 330,000
Public Health 677,180 290,220
Medicine and Surgery (Pre-clinical) 2,099,650 899,850
Nutrition and Dietetics 486,430 208,470

Available Programmes to Study at Bowen University

The most important programs are offered by Bowen University, a school committed to bringing out the best in each of its students. The university offers the following courses:

  • A bachelor’s degree program
  • An advanced degree program
  • Prolonged Remedial Program

Undergraduate Degree Program Courses at Bowen University

The following courses are available through Bowen University’s various faculties for the undergraduate degree program:

Faculties Courses
College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Pure and Applied Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics and Solar Energy
  • Agricultural Science
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Mechatronics
College of Social and Management Science
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
College of Law
  • Law
College of Liberal Studies
  • English
  • History and International Studies
  • Theatre Arts
  • Music
  • Religious Studies
College of Computing and Communication Studies
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Mass Communications
  • Communication Arts
College of Health Sciences
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Nursing and Nursing Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Public Health
  • Medicine and Surgery (Pre-clinical)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics

Courses For Postgraduate Degree Program

Courses at Bowen University are provided by the institution’s many faculties and are also available to postgraduate students. These are what they are:

Faculties Courses and Programs
College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science
  • Agricultural Economics (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Animal Science (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Crop Protection (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Environmental Management (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Food Science and Technology (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Microbiology (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Mathematics (M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Chemistry (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Physics (M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Statistics (M.Sc.)
College of Computing and Communication Studies
  • Mass Communication (PGD | M. Sc.)
College of Liberal Studies
  • Religious Studies (PGD | M. A.)
College of Management and Social Sciences
  • Accounting (PGD, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Banking and Finance (PGD, M. Sc.)
  • Business Administration (PGD, MBA M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Economics (PGD, M. Sc.)
  • Sociology (PGD, M. Sc.)
  • Human Resources Management (M.Sc.)

Bowen University Admission General Entry Requirement

1. For Utme

  • The UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) is required for all applicants in 2022.
  • A minimum of five (5) courses from SSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, or an approved equivalent, including English Language and four extra subjects as determined by each Faculty, must have been completed by all applicants.
  • The five credits must be finished in a maximum of two sessions.
  • NABTEB is not accepted since the five credits (including English and math) for the physiotherapy, nursing science, and medicine and surgery (MB; BS) programs must be earned all at once.
  • It is advised that applicants who are awaiting results do so.
  • Everyone who applies must pass the Bowen University Screening Exercise.
  • The University Application forms must be completed by applicants.

In order to change their university preference to Bowen University after submitting an application for admission to JAMB, interested students must:

  • Use JAMB to request a change of institution.
  • The Bowen University application form should be completed.
  • Participate in the selection process for Bowen University.
  • The cost of attending Bowen University is also available.

2. For Direct Entry

All applicants for direct admittance must fulfill one or more of the following conditions: NCE at credit level, ND, and permitted equivalents in pertinent topics with at least Lower Credit.

It is necessary to have at least two Advanced Level passes at the proper grade level.

The School of Basic Studies was moderated at the relevant grade levels by the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB), Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), or Cambridge.

Candidates must complete the NCE/ND/IJMB, JUPEB, or two Advanced Level papers required by each Faculty or course in addition to the Ordinary Level requirements.

Depending on the rules controlling admission to each department/program, HND holders may be admitted to either the 200 or 300 level.

All direct entry applicants must do so via JAMB.

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