Lowest Acceptance Rate College – Alright, let’s talk about low acceptance rates in colleges. Now, at first glance, a low acceptance rate might sound intimidating, but hold on—there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are several colleges out there sporting low acceptance rates, and it’s not as grim as it seems. 

Lowest Acceptance Rate College

As we dive in, you’ll discover the factors behind these rates, and who knows, one of these colleges might just be the perfect fit for you. So, stick around, and let’s unravel the mystery behind those seemingly elusive acceptance letters. They might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Lowest Acceptance Rate College

Let’s break down some key terms in the college admissions world. So, when we talk about a college’s acceptance rate, we’re looking at the percentage of applicants who get the green light to join the campus party. It’s a crucial number, and closely tied to it is the admission rate, which essentially tells us the same thing—what portion of applicants managed to secure a spot.

Also, here’s where it gets interesting. The yield rate steps in, giving us a deeper insight. It’s the ratio of admitted students who decide to enroll. Think of it as the “choosing to attend” factor.

And of course, we like to keep things simple, so we express these rates as percentages. If a college accepted 1,500 students out of 5,000 applicants, you’d calculate the acceptance rate by doing 1,500 divided by 5,000, giving you 0.3. Translate that to a percentage, and boom, you’ve got a 30% acceptance rate.

But here’s the kicker—acceptance rates are on the rise, making the competition fiercer. Case in point: a whopping 21.3% increase in submissions through the Common Application for the class of 2026. Colleges are feeling the heat, trying to figure out how to handle this surge in applications.

So, in the world of college admissions, those acceptance rates aren’t just numbers—they’re snapshots of an increasingly competitive landscape. It’s a wild ride out there!


Top 20 Institutions with Lowest Acceptance Rates

You’ve hit the nail on the head. While there are many schools out there casting a wide net and accepting a good chunk of applicants, there’s a whole other league of colleges playing hard to get. We’re talking about the highly selective ones, where getting in feels like threading a needle.

Picture this: acceptance rates under 10%. Yep, we’re diving into the realm of the most challenging colleges in the United States. 

These are the places where the competition is fierce, and snagging that acceptance letter is a real accomplishment. 

Also, We’re talking acceptance rates as low as 6% to 12%. It’s like trying to grab a golden ticket to the academic Willy Wonka factory.

So, when you hear about these ultra-low acceptance rates, you know you’re in the territory of some of the toughest nuts to crack in the college admissions game. It’s a whole different ballgame, and those who cut truly earn their stripes

SCHOOL                                                              LOCATION                              ACCEPTANCE RATE

California Institute of Technology                      Pasadena,                                      CA 4%

Harvard University                                                Cambridge,                                   MA 4%

Massachusetts Institute of Technology             Cambridge,                                    MA 4%

Princeton University                                             Princeton,                                      NJ 4%

Stanford University                                               Stanford,                                        CA 4%

Yale University                                                       New Haven,                                   CT 5%

Brown University                                                  Providence,                                    RI 6%

Dartmouth College                                                Hanover,                                       NH 6%

Duke University                                                     Durham,                                       NC 6%

University of Chicago                                           Chicago,                                         IL 6%

University of Pennsylvania                                 Philadelphia,                                PA 6%

Northwestern University                                    Evanston,                                       IL 7%

Vanderbilt University                                          Nashville,                                       TN 7%

Johns Hopkins University                                  Baltimore,                                     MD 8%

Cornell University                                                Ithaca,                                            NY 9%

Rice University                                                     Houston,                                        TX 9%

Tulane University                                                New Orleans,                                 LA 10%

Tufts University                                                   Medford,                                        MA 11%

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Los Angeles,                               CA 11%

Georgetown University                                      Washington,                                 D.C. 12%


UCLA is the only public university among the universities with the strictest admission rates, while Dartmouth College is the college with the highest requirements.

Private companies own the remaining low-acceptance rate schools and universities in the United States.

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