University Of Tokyo Acceptance Rate – Have you ever considered enrolling in a course of study outside of a traditional college setting? Are you interested in researching additional options, particularly in Japan or Asia? You might have the best chance at the University of Tokyo.

University Of Tokyo Acceptance Rate

The University of Tokyo, which holds the seventh-best academic ranking in the world and first place in Japan, is a prestigious institution renowned for its academic excellence, top research center, and vibrant academic environment. 

The university is regarded by the majority of students in Japan and around the world as a highly desirable place to study, as evidenced by its illustrious reputation and top-tier international ranking as the world’s top university.

Not test results, but the overall caliber of the application determines how many students are accepted into the University of Tokyo

It makes sense that the university would have high standards for the applicant pool given that it is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan and is well-known on a global scale, leading to a relatively low acceptance rate.

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University of Tokyo Acceptance Rate 

Given that it is ranked 77th in the world among top universities, 7th in Asia among top universities, and first in Japan, it is not surprising that the University of Tokyo has one of the highest acceptance rates in the country.

Although the official acceptance rate is not made public by the University of Tokyo, admissions data is posted on its website every year. Acceptance rates range from 20% to 30% at the University of Tokyo.

Since the PEAK program was launched in 2012 with 238 applicants, there has been an increase in the overall number of applications. In comparison to the previous academic year, when it was 21.1%, the University of Tokyo’s acceptance rate for 2019 was 20.1%.


About the University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is a public research university located in Bunky, Tokyo, Japan. It is also frequently referred to as Todai (Tdai) or UTokyo (Tky daigaku). Incorporated in 1877, the institution became the first Imperial University.

It is thought to be the most prestigious and exclusive institution in Japan. 17 prime ministers, 18 Nobel laureates, 4 Pritzker Prize winners, 5 astronauts, and 1 Fields Medalist are among the alumni, faculty members, and researchers of the University of Tokyo as of 2021.

University of Tokyo Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs might be one of your main worries about attending the University of Tokyo. The University of Tokyo’s tuition varies depending on the program and level of study, but as a general rule, undergraduate programs cost around $4000–4100 for international students, and graduate programs cost between $4,000 and $7,000 per year.

The tuition costs for some programs, however, might be higher because of supplementary academic expenses like lab fees or study-abroad opportunities.

However, the cost of attending the University of Tokyo is more complex than just tuition. You must budget for housing, food, transportation, textbooks, and health insurance if you are an international student.



A lot of exceptional students graduate from the University of Tokyo each year and go on to become well-known individuals in a variety of fields thanks to its excellent educational system.

Students who want to investigate their opportunities abroad should definitely consider this university.