Aziz Foundation Scholarship

The Aziz Foundation Scholarship Program provides 100% fully financed Master’s Scholarships that cover tuition to assist British Muslims in attending UK colleges. You can apply for this scholarship if you are eligible, so carefully read this post to grasp it.

Aziz Foundation Scholarship

At this time, only qualifying candidates may apply for the foundation’s Masters’s Scholarship Program. Read this page thoroughly to evaluate your eligibility.

Students pursuing master’s degrees at institutions that have joined as Preferred Partners for the 2024 application cycles are eligible for scholarships from the Aziz Foundation.

About Aziz Foundation Scholarship Programme

Full-tuition Master’s scholarships are available through the Scholarships Programme, which helps British Muslims enroll at UK universities.

The recipients of the scholarships ought to be inspired to progress not only in their areas but also in the entire world. Candidates who are committed are questioned about:

1. Enhancing Muslim participation and representation in civil society to combat Islamophobia and alter public perceptions about British Muslims

2. Raising standards and expectations within British Muslim communities through volunteerism

In order to lead and inspire people in their specialized sectors, the objective is to encourage aspirant leaders who are strongly committed to their communities.

Please be aware that applications from international students will not be taken into consideration because Aziz Foundation scholarships are only available to those who qualify for Home Fee status in the UK.


Subject Areas for Scholarship Award

The following fields will be open to applicants for these scholarships:

1. Candidates who favor media diversity to ensure accurate and truthful reporting in the media and journalism

2. Technology: Disruptors and innovators who apply it to offer novel solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

3. Candidates who wish to take the lead in the fight to safeguard the environment and ensure a secure future for future generations.

4. Law: candidates who are very motivated to achieve in the legal profession, especially those who aspire to become judges. Without conversion education.

5. Politics: Candidates who are concerned about influencing UK public policy to make it fair and attentive to the concerns of British Muslim communities (apart from health policy).

6. Creative Content: Artists who can use a variety of media to sway public opinion, particularly with regard to Muslims and Islam.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria for Applying

The following requirements must be met by all applicants:

1. Eligibility for receiving home fees

2. Be active in the Muslim community and have a thorough awareness of the issues affecting Muslim communities in Britain.

3. Demonstrate a long-term commitment to Britain’s societal and community growth.

4. Explain how the course would help them do better in one of the areas related to British Muslims that are listed below:

5. Stronger Muslim representation and contributions to civil society can help combat Islamophobia and change public perceptions of British Muslims.

Fostering higher expectations and standards among Muslim communities in Britain

Scholarship Application Process

Applications must all be submitted online. A statement of no more than 1,000 words describing how you satisfy the Foundation’s requirements, the names of two referees, questions regarding your prior education and work experience, financial resources, and references are all included on the application form.

If your application is chosen for further review, you will receive an invitation to an interview. The 30- to 45-minute interview will touch on subjects like:

  • challenges facing British Muslims;
  • vision and hopes for change;
  • personal qualities needed to succeed;
  • financial barriers faced



Application Key Dates/ Timetable

The review and awarding procedure will be split into two cycles in 2024:

Beginning on January 9th, 2024, and ending on March 31st, 2024, is the first cycle. Beginning on March 2, 2024, and ending on June 30, 2024, is the second cycle.

The Award for the first cycle will be revealed between February and April, while the award for the second cycle will be revealed between May and July 2024.

The earliest we can start the course is in June 2024.

If your course starts between June and August 2024, you must submit your application during cycle 1; if you do not, we will be unable to take it into account.

For courses starting in September 2024, you can apply in any cycle.

There can only be one application each year (in cycle 1 or cycle 2, not both).

Now that you are aware of the Aziz Foundation Scholarship, you ought to apply for it.