Amazon Scholarship Programme

The Amazon Scholarship is a scholarship by the popular Amazon. It is here to support you in achieving your dream with ease. You don’t just get financial benefits; they also give you access to unique career opportunities that will impact you positively and lots more.

Amazon Scholarship Programme

The provision of financial aid to impoverished students for their computer science degrees is essential for the development of technology and a diverse tech sector. This is why the Amazon Scholarship is so important to us.

About Amazon Scholarship

In order for Amazon to achieve its goal of building a diverse tech industry and future, it is essential to support underprivileged kids as they pursue computer science education.

Our Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship program gives students like you the chance to enhance their careers with a $40,000 scholarship and a paid summer internship at Amazon.

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Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

being a senior in high school in the United States and having completed or been enrolled in a computer science course; dual enrollment programs also count!

If you haven’t completed a traditional computer science course and have instead learned on your own, you can opt to take a brief test instead:

1. Have a bachelor’s degree in mind, preferably in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, or a field of study that is closely related to computer science.

2. Be allowed to work in the US legally Think about a person who is a US citizen, a permanent resident, or possesses a legitimate job authorization document.

3. Possess a cumulative grade point average (or its equivalent) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

4. Must demonstrate a need for assistance.

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What is the Amazon Future Engineer Internship like?

Recipients of the Amazon Future Engineer scholarship are also guaranteed a paid 12-week summer internship with Amazon after completing their first year of college.

While working as AFE interns at Amazon, they interact with fellow interns, managers, and mentors to create projects that truly help Amazon consumers.

A few of the innovative technologies and important platforms that interns at Amazon get to work on include the Alexa voice technology, Amazon Web Services, and the Amazon retail platform.

At the conclusion of the summer, the majority of interns contributed production-level code to Amazon!

Amazon Future Engineer interns gain knowledge about the Amazon organization in addition to their project work through fireside chats with senior executives, in-depth tech team presentations, and an annual hackathon to create Alexa skills.

If you join us as an AFE intern, you’ll have lots of other interns from similar backgrounds to go through this experience with you. Cohorts are formed by interns working together on projects and attending social events.

You should no longer use the excuse that you lack the resources for your studies because you can now benefit from this and become a member of the Amazon family.