Kingsborough Community College Acceptance Rate

With the Kingsborough Community College acceptance rate, you can come up with a better plan to get admission into the institution. As you read on, we will be telling you about Kingsborough Community College and its acceptance rate.

Kingsborough Community College Acceptance Rate

About Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College meets the varied needs of its diverse community through the provision of excellent, cost-effective, and innovative educational programs.

These student-centered courses aim to equip graduates for both further academic pursuits and the professional workforce.

The college is dedicated to promoting fairness and endeavors to offer every student the necessary resources and assistance for fostering success.

Encouraging active student participation in their educational journey, Kingsborough Community College is committed to maintaining high standards and continual enhancements across various aspects related to student learning.

This commitment extends to academic programs, teaching methodologies, student services, administrative and support functions, as well as the overall campus environment.


Kingsborough Community College Acceptance Rate

Kingsborough Community College, situated in Brooklyn, New York, is a public institution with a campus in a city boasting a total enrollment of 15,116 students.

Operating on a semester-based academic calendar, the college maintains a student-faculty ratio of 22-to-1. Kingsborough Community College offers the highest degree of an associate degree and operates under an open admissions policy.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, in-state tuition and fees amounted to $5,252, while out-of-state students faced tuition and fees totaling $8,132. The application fee stands at $65.

The college provides a diverse range of degree and certificate programs across 46 different fields.

Notable programs include Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies, Business Administration and Management, General Studies, and Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration.

FAQs about Kingsborough Community College Acceptance Rate

1. What GPA Do You Need to Get into Kingsborough College?

There is no designated GPA prerequisite for admission to KCC. The college does not mandate standardized test scores, such as they SAT or ACT. Transfer applicants with a GPA of 2.0 or above will be accepted.

2. What is the Lowest GPA Needed to Get into College?

Informally, a GPA of 2.0 is the minimum accepted by typical colleges. While there’s a possibility of gaining admission to some institutions, it’s not probable at more than a few.

3. How Do I Pay for Kingsborough Community College?

All payments must be made through the Bursar’s Office, situated at A-205. Payment can be submitted in cash, by check, or through a money order, payable to KBCC. If opting for payment by check or money order, kindly include your child’s name, as well as the semester and year for which you are submitting payment.

4. Is Kingsborough a 4 Year College?

Kingsborough Community College is a public art college with a two-year program. Situated in an urban environment, this coeducational institution is mainly a commuter campus.

5. How Do I Withdraw from Kingsborough?

Retrieve the withdrawal form from A101. Obtain signatures from the professor, a counselor in room C102, and the financial aid office in U201. Submit the completed form back to A101. Ensure completion before the official withdrawal date, which may vary by semester.


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