Cambridge College Acceptance Rate

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Cambridge College Acceptance Rate

Cambridge College Acceptance Rate

Cambridge College stands as one of the world’s most prestigious and competitive institutions, boasting an undergraduate acceptance rate of approximately 18-19% and a postgraduate acceptance rate of 34%.

The acceptance rates at Cambridge vary significantly depending on the subject and college.

For instance, highly competitive subjects like Medicine and Law may have acceptance rates as low as 10%, while individual colleges exhibit varying levels of selectivity, with rates ranging from 10% to 30%.

Cambridge University employs a collegiate system to provide students with a close-knit college community, offering academic, social, and pastoral support.

When applying to Cambridge, candidates can choose to apply directly to a specific college or opt for an open application, where the university assigns them to a college based on availability and fit.

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Does Cambridge Have the Most Competitive Acceptance Rate in the UK?

Cambridge is acknowledged for possessing one of the most challenging admission rates in the United Kingdom.

Typically, Cambridge consistently ranks among the most competitive universities in the UK, signifying its status with one of the most exclusive admission rates.

However, specific figures fluctuate based on the chosen course, college, and over different years.

Which Cambridge College Has the Most Competitive Acceptance Rate?

Cambridge University comprises 31 distinct colleges, each possessing its own distinctive character and historical background.

Recent data reveals that Murray Edwards has the highest acceptance rate among these colleges, standing at approximately 35%.

Following closely are Homerton and Robinson, both boasting acceptance rates surpassing 30%. These colleges are generally less renowned and competitive compared to some of the more prominent ones.

Conversely, some of the more established colleges like Trinity, King’s, and St John’s exhibit lower acceptance rates, ranging from around 10% to 20%.

These institutions are highly selective, receiving a substantial volume of applications annually.

However, it’s essential to note that acceptance rates can significantly vary by subject, and certain colleges may be more competitive than others in specific academic disciplines.

What is Cambridge’s Acceptance Rate for International Students?

Cambridge University warmly encourages applications from international students, treating them on an equal footing with applicants from the UK.

The comprehensive acceptance rate for all international applicants during the 2023 admissions cycle stood at approximately 9.9%.


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