Berklee College of Music Acceptance Rate

With the Berklee College of Music Acceptance Rate, you can come up with a better plan to get admission into the institution. As you read on, we will be telling you about Berklee College of Music and its acceptance rate.

Berklee College of Music Acceptance Rate

About Berklee College of Music

Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is a private institution located in Boston. As of fall 2023, it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,499.

Operating on a semester-based academic calendar, Berklee is situated in an urban setting. In the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, it is ranked #39 in Regional Universities North, with tuition and fees amounting to $50,270.

Berklee College of Music offers specialized majors including Composition, Professional Music, and Music Therapy.

The school is organized into departments such as Music Technology, Professional Education, Professional Performance, and Professional Writing, with an average class size of approximately 11 students.

Beyond the classroom, students can choose from over 350 student ensembles, various clubs, and organizations.

The college also supports student-run enterprises providing hands-on experiences in managing record labels, concert venues, and more. Berklee does not have fraternities or sororities.

University residence halls are located in the Back Bay Fenway neighborhood of Boston, and due to limited space, housing is not guaranteed.

International students constitute about a quarter of the student body.


Berklee College of Music Acceptance Rate

Berklee College of Music maintains an acceptance rate of 54%, with an application deadline set for January 15th.

Admissions officials at Berklee prioritize a student’s GPA as a crucial academic criterion.

Additionally, high school class rank and, if provided, letters of recommendation are taken into consideration by the admissions team at Berklee College of Music.


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