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Future Leaders Fellowship

Future Leaders Fellowships

The Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) initiative offers support to exceptionally talented individuals in academic institutions, businesses, and various research and innovation settings.

It also presents opportunities for universities, research organizations, independent research entities, and businesses to nurture and enhance the potential of their most promising early-career researchers and innovators.

Furthermore, it enables these organizations to attract fresh talent, including individuals from abroad, to join their ranks.

The primary objective of this endeavor is to nurture the next generation of globally recognized leaders in research and innovation, whether in academia or the corporate world.

This program is also open to individuals from around the world who are interested in pursuing positions within organizations based in the United Kingdom.


How FLF Differs from Other Fellowship Programs

The Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) program distinguishes itself by providing sustained support to enable fellows to embark on ambitious projects, address interdisciplinary inquiries, explore emerging research and innovation domains, and foster collaborations.

It represents the inaugural comprehensive investment by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), offering evaluation and support that spans the entirety of UKRI’s purview.

This eliminates barriers to conducting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research or innovation.

To promote excellence in research and innovation, regardless of its origin, and facilitate the mobility of individuals and projects across various sectors, FLF fellows have the flexibility to be based in universities, businesses, or other qualified independent research organizations.

To ensure the successful progression of these fellows, the FLF program places a requirement on the host organization to provide substantial support.

For fellows hosted by academic institutions, this entails a commitment to offer an open-ended independent research or innovation position within the UK.

Fellows can take up this position during or after completing their fellowship, following the organization’s employment policies and practices.

Eligibility Criteria

These fellowships are designed for individuals in the early stages of their academic or innovative careers, whether they are transitioning to independence or establishing pioneering plans, particularly within a commercial context.

Applicants are not obliged to hold a Ph.D., and there are no specific criteria related to the number of years since obtaining a Ph.D.

However, applicants without a Ph.D. must demonstrate equivalent experience or training in research or innovation.

Furthermore, eligibility is not contingent upon whether applicants currently hold a permanent or open-ended academic position or job role.

Those in such positions must provide a rationale explaining why an FLF is vital for their desired career trajectory compared to other available fellowships.


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