Cambridge University

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Cambridge University

Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge, located around 60 miles north of London, has a history dating back to 1209. Approximately 19,000 students attend the university, with more than 35% studying at the graduate level.

The six schools are: arts and humanities, biological sciences, clinical medicine, humanities and social sciences, physical sciences, and technology.

These colleges are made up of dozens of academic departments and divisions. The academic calendar at Cambridge is divided into three terms: Michaelmas (fall), Lent (winter), and Easter (spring). English is the language of instruction at the university.

Cambridge has 31 residential colleges that enroll undergraduate and graduate students; three of these, Lucy Cavendish College, Murray Edwards College, and Newnham College, are exclusively for women.

Colleges also provide small-group training for students. Most undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge are promised college residence for a minimum of three years.

Many new graduate students can also use college housing. Around 20% of the student body is from outside the European Union

Tuition costs are higher for non-EU students and vary by field of study. Cambridge boasts over 100 libraries, including college and department libraries.

The University has around 140 centers and institutes that contribute to various areas of research, including the Centre of African Studies, the Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy, and the Institute of Theoretical Geophysics. In recent years, the university received approximately $415 million in research grants and contracts.



The University of Cambridge is ranked eighth among Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked based on how well they perform on a set of widely regarded excellence indicators.

University of Cambridge Services for International Students

Colleges are students’ primary point of contact, and their orientation arrangements differ. In addition, student societies and voluntary alumni groups offer assistance by hosting fresher parties throughout September to introduce students to one another and university life.

The International Student Team organizes an orientation session at the beginning of each academic year. This event provides information about the university and an opportunity to meet other overseas students.

The iCSU also represents foreign students attending the University of Cambridge. The group greets new students upon their arrival in the city and organizes social events throughout the year. Cambridge now enrolls 1,300 international students from 65 different countries.

University of Cambridge Location

Cambridge is a significant town in Cambridgeshire, approximately 80 kilometers north of London. It is dominated by university buildings, which have played an important role in the town’s history for over 800 years.

It will interest you to know that Cambridge is a tiny city, thus practically all colleges and departments are close to one another. A bus service connects them, and Cambridge is known for being one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

Cambridge has four main airports, including Stansted, Luton, Heathrow, and Gatwick. National Express provides coach services to Cambridge from all four airports, as well as direct trains from London that take around one hour.


Accommodation is provided by each college individually and varies greatly.

Most colleges in Cambridge own houses and flats, but they can also provide lodgings for undergraduates for the entire three years of study. The Accommodation Service can also assist in arranging private rental accommodation.


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