UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students

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UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students

UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students

The UNIL Master’s Grants are provided by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and are awarded competitively to international students aspiring to undertake a Master’s Degree at the university.

These grants are applicable to all Master’s programs offered by UNIL, except for the following:

1. Master of Science in Physical Education and Sport Didactics

2. Master of Science in Health Sciences

3. Master of Science in Sustainable Management & Technology

4. Master from the School of Medicine

5. Master in Sciences and Practices of Education

6. Master of Law. Exceptions: Open to applications for Masters Scholarships: Specialisms “International and Comparative Law”, “Legal Theory” and “International Tax Law and Policy”

7. All MASs (3rd cycle programs, Further Education programs)


Scholarship Duration

The scholarship is awarded for the program’s required minimum duration as selected by the student.

It provides CHF 1,600 monthly, covering the period from September 15th to July 15th (10 months per year), throughout the entire master’s program (either one and a half or two years, depending on the chosen program).

The only exception is if a student experiences permanent failure after the initial year.

Recipients of the scholarship will have their tuition fees waived for the courses, except for a semester fee of CHF 80.00 that needs to be paid each semester.


1. To be eligible, you should have acquired a foreign university degree that is recognized as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree at UNIL prior to the commencement of the master’s program at the university.

2. You should have demonstrated exceptional academic performance throughout your studies, particularly achieving outstanding academic results.

3. Additionally, you must possess a language proficiency level of at least C1 (as per the European Language Portfolio global scale) in either French or English, depending on the language of instruction for your chosen master’s program.

4. You must not have previously enrolled at UNIL, and you need to have settled the CHF 200.00 administrative fee (refer to the “list of documents to be attached to your application” for details).

How to Apply

The application form used for the Master’s Scholarship also functions as an application for ENROLLMENT in the desired Master’s program (and consequently as a registration form at UNIL).

This means you do not need to separately apply for the master’s degree through UNIL’s Admission Office (SII).

Applicants for the Master’s Scholarship are required to complete an online application and upload the entire application package as a PDF during the online submission process (not through email).

Application Deadline

The application cutoff for commencing a master’s degree in the subsequent academic year, either in the fall or spring semester, is November 1st (based on the postmark date).

It’s crucial to explore the official website to access the application form and list of required documents, as well as to find comprehensive instructions on applying for this scholarship.


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