Graduate school scholarships are given to students for their further studies. A number of scholarships are awarded to graduate students at famous universities.

Numerous organizations and universities offer graduate scholarships and fellowships for international and overseas students.

This article consists of national and international graduate school scholarships based on financial need and merit.

How to Find Graduate School Scholarships

Graduate School Scholarships

To find graduate school scholarships or other aid opportunities, begin with the financial aid office at your college or university.

Numerous graduate fellowship programs for graduate students may come from colleges and universities. The fellowship supports research in a particular field. Along with covering tuition, some also make a provision for a monthly sum for living expenses called a stipend.

A graduate assistantship works in an assistant role at a college or university. You may operate under the supervision of a faculty member. Your duties may cover research, clerical tasks, and grading. Instead of a salary, some graduate assistantships offer a stipend or a discounted rate on tuition.

Next, move on to professional organizations you may be part of or that are popular in the industry you work in. Your present employer may even offer tuition reimbursement or an employee scholarship program.

10 Scholarships for Graduate School in 2024

10 Scholarships for Graduate School in 2024

Make use of our scholarship search engine to get funds for your graduate studies. Ensure to check your eligibility and submit your graduate school scholarship application before the deadline.

It might be worth earning awards like these rather than borrowing student loans.

  1. Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program
  2. Bank of America Merrill Lynch MBA Diversity Fellowship Program
  3. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
  4. Fulbright U.S. Student Program: English Teaching Assistantship
  5. Boren Fellowship Awards for International Study
  6. Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship
  7. Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship
  8. Hotels Fellowship
  9. March of Dimes Graduate Nursing Scholarship
  10. Judith C. Kelleher Memorial Scholarship

More Ways to Find Graduate School Scholarships

Scholarships are available via organizations, companies, states, and more. They can be need-based or merit-based, but you have to apply for them.

Scholarship award amounts for graduate students happen to be more modest than for undergrads, but they can add up. An extra $1,000–$2,000 can help reduce your living expenses for a month.

Here are some different methods to customize your search for graduate school scholarships:

  • By school: Many universities give scholarships to graduate students from their own funds to attract students with the strongest academic performance. Your school or program is a great source to learn about these opportunities.
  • By field: If you’re entering a program where your dexterity is in short supply—especially in the STEM areas—focus on graduate scholarships from corporations, professional organizations, and foundations.
  • By demographic: Graduate school scholarships are available for specific populations, like women and minorities, including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans. They’re also available for students, foster children, first-generation college students, and non-traditional students who are cognitively and physically challenged.
  • By region: There’s often more attention given to national scholarships. But don’t fail to search for scholarship opportunities for graduate students from your home state or region—a smaller candidate pool can increase your chances. Call your state’s Department of Education for information.

In conclusion, pursuing the scholarships can alleviate financial burdens. Take action and apply for available opportunities.