Burger King Scholarship, which was established in James “Jim” W. McLamore’s honor, has given almost $55 million in scholarships to more than 45,000 high school students.

Burger King Scholarship

Millions of dollars in scholarships have recently been given away by Burger King to thousands of college students. The first step to being one of those thousands of students is choosing to apply! 

One of the top scholarships for senior high school students is the Burger King Scholarship. In fact, every Burger King location in North America is supposed to get a $1,000 prize from the Burger King McLamore Foundation! That’s over seven million dollars in scholarships for qualified high school seniors with over 7,000 eateries!

Eligibility Of The Burger King Scholarship

Burger King Application: Applicants must

  • Any one of Puerto Rico, Canada, or the United States may be your country of residence.
  • Be high school graduates (U.S. and Puerto Rico), grade 12 graduates (Canada), or home-school graduates (U.S., Puerto Rico, or Canada).
  • Have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or higher, or the equivalent.
  • You must be willing to register as a full-time student for the whole school year at an accredited two- or four-year college or university in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

The Uniqueness of The Burger King Scholarship

Keep in mind that anyone can submit a Burger King application; you don’t have to be the valedictorian! The Burger King Scholarship is therefore the ideal scholarship for students with a 2.0 GPA. 

Scholarship awards are given from $1,000 to $50,000 (the majority are given at the $1,000 level).

Also eligible for the Burger King Scholarship are a variety of students and academic fields. You might qualify if you’re enrolled in a four-year bachelor’s degree program at a state university or in a local vocational or technical school’s nursing program. 


Here are some of the questions most applicants would want to know.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All high school seniors, as well as all Burger King restaurant, corporate, and field employees in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as their spouses and kids, are eligible to apply.

How Will I Know That My Application Has Been Received?

Within 24 hours, an email is issued acknowledging receipt of the application. The confirmation is delivered to the email address entered during registration. Please contact Scholarship Management Services via email at burgerkingscholars@scholarshipamerica.org or by phone at 507.931.8340 if you do not get an acknowledgment within 24 hours.

What are the Details of the Award?

Grants for Burger King Scholars are given out each year.

  • The amount of funding available and the number of applicants will decide the number of awards.
  • Up to $1,000 in non-renewable prizes make up the majority of scholarships. Awards cannot go over the cost of tuition.
  • The funds may be used for paying for tuition, fees, or books required for a course load at authorized, non-profit two- or four-year schools or universities in the United States.
  • As long as the new institution and the student’s attendance continue to meet the eligibility requirements, a student may transfer and keep their prize.

Can I Apply Every Year for a Scholarship?

The $1,000 Employee-Based Track (as specified in the qualifying criteria) awardees can apply again to the program each year they meet the eligibility requirements, despite the fact that awards are not renewable.

These winners are qualified for up to four awards each year, totaling $4,000 each.

Is there a Deadline for Submitting Applications?

Yes, the application process runs from October 15 to December 15 for the forthcoming scholarship program. Applications that are not complete won’t be reviewed. 

Students will have access to their portal after December 15 of every year to see their submission, get status updates, and modify their profile information, but no alterations or changes may be made to the application. 

If necessary, transcripts must be mailed to Scholarship Management Services as soon as possible if they weren’t already uploaded before the deadline.

Is a Home-School Student Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship Program?

Yes, provided that the student satisfies the program’s requirements.

 Will the Scholarship be Taxable?

As long as the scholarship money is spent for admissible costs like tuition, books, and fees, it generally won’t be subject to taxes. However, in order to ascertain whether or not it is taxable in their particular situation, a beneficiary should speak with their tax expert.

How and When Will I Receive a Notification?

  • In May of the following year, all applicants will be notified through email.
  • Recipients will also be formally notified by U.S. mail. Emails occasionally fail to deliver or are not received, according to prior experience.

Make sure your email address is up to date in your student profile, and during the notice period, check your spam folder.

How and When are the Funds Issued?

  • In August of the awarding year, Scholarship Management Services will issue a check payable only to the institution and mail it to the recipient’s mailing address on file with them. 
  • BURGER KING system employees who are enrolled in an extracurricular activity will be eligible to
  • Choose whether they want their award cheque to arrive in August or November of the given year.
  • January of the year after the awarding year.
  • Should the check bounce, it is the recipient’s duty to let Scholarship Management Services know.
  • Not show up 30 days after the issue date.