Scholarships For Cancer Survivors and Patients – Finding out you have cancer can make going to college seem impossible. One of the many intimidating aspects of going to college is the price, particularly for students who also have to make payments for cancer treatment. 

Scholarships For Cancer Survivors and Patients

Scholarships for cancer patients and survivors, however, can ease the financial burden of paying for care and going to school.

Paying for College as a Cancer Patient or Survivor

However, many survivors of cancer and patients frequently must spend the money saved on treatment. And afford the expense of living, may feel that college is out of reach.

For cancer patients and survivors, there are numerous non-traditional financial aid options available. Such as grants for education and student loans. Cancer survivorship scholarships provide funding for educational-related costs. 

Grants for survivors and those with cancer can help ease the financial burden brought on by the disease, freeing up funds for education costs.

College Scholarships for Cancer Survivors and Patients

Below are a few college scholarship programs available for cancer survivors and patients.

National Children’s Cancer Society Beyond the Cure Scholarship

Children who have survived childhood cancer and are pursuing higher education can get financial aid through the National Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS) Beyond the Cure Scholarship program. The award is intended to assist survivors in overcoming the financial obstacles that might stand in the way of their completing their educational objectives.

Who Is Eligible? Cancer patients under 25 who were diagnosed before turning 18 and who were successfully enrolled in a post-secondary institution are eligible for the NCSS award.

Application Deadline: Applications for the 2024 academic year open in January 2024.

Scholarship Amount: Varies  between $3,500

Cancer for College (Scholarships For Cancer Survivors and Patients )

A nonprofit organization called Cancer for College offers college scholarships to American cancer patients, survivors, and former cancer patients.

Additionally, Craig Pollard, a two-time cancer survivor, started the nonprofit after realizing the financial strain that cancer treatment can have on families and people.

Who Is Eligible: A need-based scholarship program called Cancer for Education helps cancer patients and survivors pay for education. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college or trade school and have an annual family income of at least $150,000 per year. Students in graduate programs and community colleges are also eligible.

Application Deadline: November 1–January 31

Scholarship Amount: $5,000

Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Survivor Scholarship

Children who have survived cancer can get financial aid to pursue higher education through the Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Survivor Scholarship.

However, the award is intended to assist survivors in overcoming the financial obstacles that might stand in the way of their completing their educational objectives.

Who Is Eligible? Those who have survived pediatric cancer who are also 25 years of age or younger and who are enrolled in a recognized college or trade program are eligible for the scholarship. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Application Deadline: December 20, 2023, is the application deadline.

Scholarship Amount: $5,000

The Simon Cancer Foundation Harvey Simon Memorial Scholarship

Young adults who also have experienced cancer and are interested in higher education can apply for the Harvey Simon Memorial Scholarship offered by the Simon Cancer Foundation.

Who Is Eligible: Students in both undergraduate and graduate programs who have ever experienced cancer are eligible for the Harvey Simon Memorial Scholarship. A GPA of at least 3.5 is required for candidates.

Application Deadline: Applications start in October 2023.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

The Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship

A program called the Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship helps young adults who have experienced cancer. And plan to pursue higher education financially.

Additionally, the scholarship is intended to pay tribute to Brian Morden, a young man who passed away at the age of 19 after losing his fight with cancer.

Who Is Eligible: Additionally, a college student pursuing a degree in music, technology, or medicine will receive the Brian Morden Memorial Scholarship. Cancer survivors must apply from outside Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Application Deadline: Applications open January 2024

Scholarship Amount: $500-$1,000

Federal Sources of Cancer Scholarships

There are a number of general awards available to all students, despite the fact that there are no federally funded scholarships specifically for cancer survivors. Since these scholarships are based on need, cancer patients and their families are likely to qualify because of the financial strain they are under.

The following federal programs are a good place to start for cancer patients looking for financial aid to cover their tuition fees.

  • Undergraduate students also seeking their first associate’s or bachelor’s degree are eligible for the federal Pell Grant. Awards are calculated based on financial need. $5,550 is the maximum yearly award.
  • Students who have been awarded a Pell Grant but still have significant unmet needs May be eligible for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, or FSEOG. Students should submit an application through the school of their choice. Because the FSEOG program is managed by the financial aid departments of participating colleges and universities, There are $100 to $4000 in prizes.

Additional Resources for Students Affected by Cancer

FAFSA: A government application for financial help is called the FAFSA. Students who are struggling financially may qualify for federally backed loans. Also, federal Pell Grants are available for undergraduate students in need to help pay for their education.

TRIO Scholarship: Solid organ and bone marrow donors, recipients, and members of their close families are eligible for the TRIO Scholarship. Scholarships must be utilized at a college or trade school that is accredited.

Hydrocephalus Foundation Scholarship: Also, for students who have hydrocephalus, which frequently originates from brain tumors, the Hydrocephalus Foundation provides scholarships. The Foundation offers scholarships worth $1000.

National GRACE Foundation: The National GRACE Foundation provides pediatric cancer patients and survivors with free college and financial assistance guidance. Additionally, they provide advocacy services and test preparation materials.

Summary (Scholarships For Cancer Survivors and Patients )

Many charitable foundations and advocacy organizations have created a number of scholarships. To aid the family members of cancer patients in continuing their college education. Because they recognize that a cancer diagnosis affects more people than just the patient.