Albion College Acceptance Rate

The Albion College Acceptance rate is a very important factor to consider when seeking admission into this college institution. As you read on, we will be showing you everything there is to know about Albion College admission.

Albion College Acceptance Rate


Albion College

Albion, situated in Albion, Michigan, is a private Christian college characterized by its small size, hosting 1,444 undergraduate students.

The institution offers a range of majors, with Biology, Economics, and Communications being particularly popular among students.

Albion College, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, boasts official colors of purple and gold.

The college provides diverse academic opportunities with approximately 30 majors falling under the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts umbrella.

The student body actively engages in various areas, including academics, sports, arts, diversity awareness, and community engagement, facilitated by around 100 student organizations. The sports teams at Albion College are known as the Britons.

In 2006, Albion College took significant steps towards creating a more sustainable environment for both students and the local community.

Initiatives included introducing organic food in campus diners, implementing napkin dispensers, and installing water-efficient sprinkler systems.

Albion College is affiliated with the Great Lakes Colleges Association and the Michigan Campus Compact, promoting student volunteerism as part of its commitment to community service.

Graduates from Albion College go on to achieve a 64% graduation rate, with an average starting salary of $34,900.

Albion College Acceptance Rate

Albion College has a 67% overall acceptance rate, with an early acceptance rate of 83%. The college follows a rolling admissions process, meaning there is no fixed application deadline.

When reviewing applications, the admissions officials at Albion College place significant importance on a student’s GPA as a key academic factor.

High school class rank is also considered important if available; however, letters of recommendation do not factor into the admissions decision-making process at Albion College.


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