UCLA Acceptance Rate

UCLA College acceptance rate is very important and must be considered if you wish to further your education there. This and many other things will equip you to get there and remain there, As you read on, we will be guiding you on what you should know regarding UCLA admissions.

UCLA Acceptance Rate

What is the UCLA Acceptance Rate?

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) reports a 9% acceptance rate for incoming freshmen, as indicated on the UCLA admissions website.

However, this singular figure does not provide a complete picture. Acceptance rates for colleges can vary based on your geographical location and where you submit your UCLA application.

Typically, international students experience lower acceptance rates compared to domestic applicants.

Moreover, acceptance rates within UCLA differ across its various colleges. For instance, the School of Music boasts an acceptance rate of approximately 20%, while the School of the Arts and Architecture has a 5% acceptance rate.

The UCLA School of Engineering, the second-largest college, only admits 6% of students.

Consequently, individuals pursuing disciplines within these schools may encounter greater challenges in gaining admission to UCLA compared to students in the College of Letters and Science, which has a 10% acceptance rate.


UCLA Admissions

The UCLA admissions team evaluates various aspects of each student, considering factors such as UCLA GPA requirements, extracurricular involvement, and other elements within the UCLA application.

Notably, there are no specified UCLA SAT requirements, as the UC system, including UCLA, does not take SAT scores into account during the application review process. However, students have the option to submit test scores for course placement.

Given the non-consideration of test scores, UCLA does not have specific SAT requirements.

Instead, applicants can enhance their chances of UCLA enrollment by surpassing the average GPA for UCLA, providing compelling responses to the Personal Insight Questions, and showcasing character through participation in extracurricular activities.

While it might be tempting to solely focus on the seemingly low UCLA acceptance rate during the application process, it’s crucial to recognize that these statistics do not convey the full picture.

Rather than fixating solely on acceptance rates, it is advisable to explore what a college offers and whether it aligns with your goals.

A low acceptance rate does not automatically indicate the ideal fit for you. Therefore, in addition to examining acceptance rates, including that of UCLA, thoroughly research the academics, campus environment, and overall school culture.

What Makes the Acceptance Rate for UCLA So Low?

The primary factor contributing to the decline in the UCLA acceptance rate is the surge in UCLA applications.

In 2021, UCLA admissions received 139,490 applications, and by 2022, this number increased significantly to 149,815 applications.

Paradoxically, during this period, UCLA enrollment experienced a decrease. In 2022, despite a larger applicant pool, over 2,000 fewer students were admitted. Consequently, the UCLA acceptance rate decreased.

What is the Acceptance Rate for UCLA for Out-of-State?

As per the information provided on the UCLA admissions website, the UCLA acceptance rate for out-of-state students in 2019 was 16%, in contrast to 12% for in-state students. However, this marks a significant decrease from 23% in 2017 and 22% in 2018.

It’s important to observe that UCLA GPA requirements are generally higher for out-of-state students. Non-resident applicants are expected to achieve a minimum GPA of 3.4 with no grades below a C, despite the absence of specific UCLA SAT requirements.

Notably, out-of-state applicants often report higher test scores compared to their in-state counterparts.

These patterns reflect a gradual shift in UCLA admissions policy, indicating a preference for admitting more California residents.

Across the UC system, acceptance rates for in-state colleges are on the rise, while those for out-of-state colleges are declining.

Consequently, applicants from outside California encounter greater pressure to excel in their UCLA application, leading to elevated UCLA GPA and SAT requirements for this group.


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