Manhattan College Acceptance Rate – If you’re eyeing a spot at Manhattan College, you better pay close attention to the acceptance rate; it’s the golden ticket to getting in. Lucky for you, all the details on the Manhattan College Acceptance Rate are right here, so keep reading and consider yourself in the know!

Manhattan College Acceptance Rate

Manhattan College Acceptance Rate

Alright, check this out: Manhattan College’s acceptance rate is a cool 82%. So, if you’re eyeing a spot there, it’s not too shabby, right?

Now, here’s the score breakdown for the cool kids who cut: About half of them had an ACT score of 23, or SAT scores falling between 1140 and 1330. But hold up—that’s not the whole story. 25% of the lucky ones had scores higher than that range, while another 25% had scores a bit lower. It’s like a score spectrum fiesta!

Here’s the scoop on deadlines: Manhattan College does the rolling deadline thing. So, no need to stress about a ticking clock; just get those apps in when you’re good and ready.

Oh, and heads up—the admissions squad at Manhattan College pays close attention to your GPA. Like, they’ve got their magnifying glasses out for that. 

And hey, letters of recommendation? Those count too. If you’ve got high school class rank information, toss that in the mix as well. They’re looking at the whole academic package to decide who makes the grade.


About Manhattan College

Founded back in 1853, Manhattan College is a private university tucked away in the heart of New York City. Picture this: 3,060 undergrads hustling around on a 22-acre campus—it’s urban vibes all the way.

They run on the semester system, and for the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, they’ve snagged the #13 spot in Regional Universities North. Now, let’s talk numbers: the whole college experience in Manhattan will set you back $50,848.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Manhattan College has a Catholic flavor, chilling in the Riverdale district of NYC. When it comes to picking your poison, I mean, major, they’ve got you covered. Arts, business, engineering, science, education, and health—take your pick. And for the post-grad gang, there are master‘s degrees up for grabs in things like engineering and education.

Class sizes? Think cozy. O’Malley Library? It’s your study haven, and it’s open 24/7. Need career wisdom? Hit up the career center for internships and a sweet mentor hookup.

But hey, it’s not all about hitting the books. With 80+ campus groups, you can mix it up. And since you’re practically in the backyard of NYC, you can hop on a train and dive into the city’s museums, grub spots, and live performances.

And for sports enthusiasts, intramurals, clubs, and varsity sports are on the menu. The Jaspers, Manhattan College’s team, play in the NCAA Division I Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. Fun fact: They’re named after a baseball coach from back in the late 1800s.

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