Armed with knowledge, you can thrive at Walden University. In this guide, we’ll unpack everything you need to know to succeed at this esteemed institution.

Walden University

Walden University

Walden University is a respectable online college offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and PhD degrees.

Walden has made it its mission to provide flexible and accessible learning options for adult learners worldwide ever since its founding in 1970.

The university allows students to balance their education with their profession and personal duties while promoting social change and personal improvement through its state-of-the-art online platform.

Walden University places a strong emphasis on practical skills and real-world application, preparing students to become great leaders in their fields and significantly impact local communities and society at large.


Walden University Acceptance rate

It is one of the 23% of US universities with the simplest admissions rates, with a 100% acceptance rate.

The university releases its admissions data without making a distinction between domestic and foreign applicants. 42,312 students were enrolled solely in online courses.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions process at Walden University is open (non-competitive). The sole prerequisites are a General Educational Development certificate, a high school diploma, or an attendance certificate.

Tuition Fees

The cost of attendance at Walden University varies according to curriculum, degree of study, and enrollment status.

The typical range of tuition costs per credit hour is $325 to $585. It’s important to take into account additional costs like books, technology, and fees.

Eligible students can choose from a variety of financial aid programs, such as loans, grants, and scholarships, which can help lower the overall cost of attending Walden University.

Walden University Majors

In 17 programs, Walden University has awarded 1,606 bachelor’s degrees; in 40 programs, 9,192 master’s degrees; and in 20 programs, 1,571 doctoral degrees. The majors that lead to degrees at Walden University are shown in the table below.


Scholarships from Walden University are available to support students’ academic endeavors. One such program is the Doctor of Psychology in Behavioral Health Leadership.

A $5,000 stipend is available to prospective PhD candidates to help them get started on their academic path. This financial assistance demonstrates Walden’s dedication to assisting students in realizing their professional potential.

Walden offers a 10% tuition concession for the duration of the Post-Master’s Certificate in Reading, Literacy, and Assessment program to individuals who are interested in expanding their skills in this area.

With this opportunity, people can quickly learn new skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in their careers.

Walden University’s commitment to promoting academic quality and accessibility is embodied in these scholarships.

Enrollment specialists can provide prospective students with additional information about these scholarships and other programs, enabling them to make their goals of pursuing higher education more realistic and significant.

Walden University’s Admission

Prospective students should expect a simple admissions procedure from this University. Applicants should first fill out an online application by going to the Walden University website.

People are asked to fill out an application form with their personal details, academic background, and desired program. Generally speaking, there is a submission cost, which can vary based on the program selected.

It is recommended that candidates file their applications well in advance of the day on which they hope to begin employment.

Walden University usually offers several start dates in a year, which gives students flexibility in their enrollment. It is advised to consult the university’s official website to find out the precise application deadline for the preferred start term.

Documents Required

The paperwork needed to be admitted to Walden University is listed below:

1. Completed application form

2. Application fee

3. Transcripts from all previous institutions

4. Resume/CV

5. Statement of purpose

6. Letters of recommendation

7. English language proficiency test scores (if applicable)

8. Financial documentation

9. Copy of passport or ID

10. Any additional program-specific requirements


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