UW Acceptance Rate

UW Acceptance Rate: Founded in 1861, the University of Washington is a renowned public research university located in Seattle on the West Coast.

UW Acceptance Rate

It is the sixteenth-best university in the world for postsecondary education. In the autumn of 2020, 35,582 domestic and foreign students registered in over 113 undergraduate and 268 graduate programs

It has a high student retention rate and a competitive admissions rate; 90% of graduates attest to the school’s caliber and excellence in academics.  

What Is the University of Washington Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance percentage at the University of Washington is 51.8%. It suggests that 51 applicants out of 100 are chosen and given an offer of admission.

Although it is a fairly selective institution, interested candidates must meet detailed eligibility requirements to be considered for a seat.

With 48,840 candidates for the class of 2025, the university saw a large number of applications; roughly 26,121 candidates were accepted during the application process.

The chances of university admission are high for students ranked in the top 18 of their class. The ACT, SAT, average GPA, and essay writing are the main focus of the university’s competitive eligibility requirements for admissions tests.


How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At the University of Washington? 

There is competition for admission to the University of Washington. To be admitted to the university, applicants must complete the application process, be eligible for the exams, and turn in a superior essay. Out of 43,778 applicants, the university accepted about 24,467, with a recent acceptance rate of 56%.

The University of Washington has demanding requirements for admission. In comparison to other state colleges in the Washington region, it’s also regarded as one of the most difficult schools to get into. Your application’s quality and strength will be the only factors used to determine your selection.

The candidates need to make sure everything is in order when applying, apply as soon as possible, and concentrate on their English proficiency exams and essay writing abilities. If you fulfill the prerequisites, there’s a good chance the university will accept you.

The University of Washington Intakes & Deadlines 

You must be aware that there are two intake sessions for candidates to have a sense of the acceptance rate at the University of Washington.

Undergraduate applicants must apply to the university in the spring and fall. While postgraduate applicants must apply by the requirements of their particular program.

September 1 is the deadline for first-year admissions applications; on October 1, FAFSA and WASFA applications open. October 1 marks the release of application details for post-baccalaureate candidates for FAFSA+ WASFA candidates. On December 15, applications for the summer and fall quarters are accepted.

First-year admissions applications must be submitted by November 15; test results must be submitted by December 31 for the summer and fall quarters. The decision was announced by the university between March 1 and March 15.

Applications for postbaccalaureate programs must be submitted by February 15th, and the university will make its decision between May 1st and June 30th.


Final Thoughts

Candidates for admission to the University of Washington who are near the top of their high school class. And have SAT/ACT scores in the mid-50% range for UW-Seattle are undoubtedly strong contenders.

Your chances of being accepted will be somewhat easier if you live in Washington than if you apply from out of state or abroad.

To put it briefly, if you want to enroll in a direct-admit engineering or computer science program or if you are not from the university’s home state. You will need to bring higher test scores and maybe a unique skill or “hook.”